A look back on 2016 + 2017 new year’s resolutions

A look back on 2016 + 2017 new year’s resolutions

As we settle into the new year, I still can’t get over that another year is done. I wanted to share a look back on 2016 and some 2017 new year’s resolutions to keep a record and be able to look back on this post, 12 months later! I also want to share some of my personal hopes and goals for the new year with my readers, and maybe we can get inspired to take on the new year!

Best moments of 2016

I can’t really put any of these moments into a numbered list, but 2016 was mostly a good year for me. It was a bit trying at time, and I worked my ass off, but it paid off in many ways. I’m incredibly proud of my growth here in the blogosphere and my law school transcript! I’m also happy I had the opportunity to travel a lot and experience new things.

red phone booth in london tourist photo ted-baker-floral-dress-6-of-10My September Trip to London was incredible! I spent nearly a week in the city, and got to live like a local in my friend Nicole’s Notting Hill flat. I geeked out when I saw the Rosetta Stone and spent nearly an hour looking at the Greek marbles. I got to meet up with an old friend, and take in all the touristy action. I loved the experience and hope to come back again soon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.29.44 PM

One of the most exciting moments of the year was appearing on the Marilyn Denis show. It was truly unforgettable. I am so grateful that my blog led to this opportunity. I also loved styling Emily, and it has inspired me to explore image and fashion consulting. I hope that this appearance will lead to more exciting opportunities down the road.

DSC_4653behind the scenes leanne marshall (14 of 18)

Another great blogging moment was going to New York Fashion Week in February and attending shows. I got to go backstage at Leanne Marshall, and check out the madness in the tents. It only made it better that my partner-in-crime/Instagram husband tagged along for the ride. 
flatiron building (13 of 13)

During that trip, we also went to the Met and saw both the opera and the ballet. Seeing the NYCB perform a Balanchine piece was a total dream come true! Easily one of the most memorable Valentine’s Day celebrations!

Favourite Blog Posts of 2016:

tulum (10 of 18)

January 2016: I shared my visit to Tulum.

financial district new york (10 of 10)

February 2016: More from my trip to NYC.

hillberg & berk (1 of 9)

March 2016: A fun collaboration inspired by one of my favourite athletes, Tessa Virtue!

spa nordik review (4 of 12)

April 2016: Celebrating my 6th anniversary with a visit to Nordik Spa-Nature.

denim heels (9 of 13)

May 2016: Welcoming the new season with a fresh, airy look.

forever 21 light blue halter dress (1 of 8)

June 2016: An incredible collaboration with development company, Lanterra, to promote Rodeo Drive Condos and CF Shops at Don Mills.

wayhome (11 of 18) wayhome (3 of 18)

July 2016: Going to my first music festival, Wayhome, with friends and Equinox!

cne 2016 midway outfit (2 of 14)

August 2016: living in a pastel wonderland at the Exhibition.


September 2016: Putting my best foot forward on my 25th birthday with this gorgeous Sentaler coat.


October 2016: Recapping the Nordstrom Gala and opening in Toronto.


November 2016: A cozy fall look shot in Gatineau Park.


December 2016: Twirling into the holiday season in a festive dress and heels.

2017 New Year’s Resolutions & Goals

1. Graduate from Law School

Not really a resolution, but this will (hopefully!) be a huge accomplishment in 2017. I’ve spent nearly four years dedicated to obtaining a J.D. and it’s so close I can taste it. After that, onto tackling the bar. I have my work cut out for me this year. I’m also still looking for that perfect “fit” in terms of articling, so I’m hoping to work hard, and see that dedication pay off in my dream job!

2. Stay focused

I’m a multi-tasker to a fault. I’m often writing a blog post, responding to an email, editing a video and watching TV all at the same time. I want to work on accomplishing tasks and not taking too much on at once. Lately, I find that I’m more productive when I work through one small task and switch it up instead of slowly working on 2-4 things at once. I also hope to practice more meditation and eat better to keep my head clear.

3. Take care of my body and mind

This year was a bit all over the place. I didn’t exercise enough, and missed too many ballet classes to count. This year, I’ve already started working through the BBG workouts and want to go to ballet class whenever I’m home in Toronto. I want to work on my anxiety and not get caught up in the moment. Instead of reacting, I want to think more, take a step back and breathe. Staying focused and taking on less will hopefully help.

4. Create more video content

Lately, I’ve really been missing broadcasting. I worked on a couple video projects this past semester, and it reminded me how much I miss being in the newsroom. This blog has always been a creative outlet (that only recently turned into a side hustle business), so I’m hoping to put those desires into revamping my YouTube presence. Keep an eye out for vlogs, reviews and collabs coming soon!

5. Grow my relationships

With brands, my audience, my partner, my family, my colleagues… you name it. I want to focus on nurturing my networks and find my place in a legal career. I want to work with more brands I love. I want to start consulting with clients more and build an extension to this blog… more on that later. Most importantly, I want to work on my friendships, and make lasting memories. Last year, I was “too busy” too many times and I want to carve out time from work, school, blogging to spend time with friends other than Mousse and the boy behind the lens. I also want to focus on the friendships that are wholly positive, supportive and reciprocal.

What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re doing the BBG workouts or working on video content, then I definitely want to hear more!


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