Best products for chapped lips

What are the best products for chapped lips? This is a question for the ages. I wanted to share some of my favourite natural lip products for dry, winter lips… just in time to pucker up for that New Year’s kiss!

Best Products for Chapped Lips: Lip Scrubs

I have two favourite lip scrubs, that I rotate between. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish is delicious and easy to use. I like that a little goes a long way, and how the formula sinks in an moisturizes the lips as well. The grit is larger, which can be a drawback for some, but this is a great way to prep your lips before doing makeup.

My other favourite scrub is Lush’s Santa Baby lip scrub. The smell and taste is like Coca Cola! I like the fine grit of this sugar scrub, but find it’s less moisturizing than the Fresh option. I usually use this a couple times a week to slough off dead lip skin (yum!) and couple it with an intense lip balm.


Best Products for Chapped Lips: Lip Balms

What is the holy grail of lip balms? Bite Beauty’s Agave lip mask, no doubt. This tube (available at Sephora) is packed with moisturizing ingredients. After using a scrub, I slap this on and let it sink into my lips before using a lipstick. I also put this on before bed. En route to Mexico, tragedy struck, as I lost my makeup bag and lost this product too! I need to go back and replace it, stat!

For quick, on-the-go fixes, I also love the original and Coconut & Pear flavoured Burt’s Bees lip balms. They are easy to dispense (the lip mask can get a little messy if you use your fingers or put on too much), and cheap enough to stash away in every purse, drawer, pocket, crevice, you name it. Screw candy jars this time of year, just put a glass bowl full of Burt’s lip balms. Everyone will love you.

Lately, I’ve also been loving the classic Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It’s basically petroleum jelly, but better! The rosehip oil delivers added moisture and a delicious scent. I find it’s also thin enough to put under lipsticks when the lip mask is too much.

My next more “traditional” lip balm pick is the Fresh Sugar Lip line. I love the classic Sugar Lip Rosé, which offers moisture, SPF, and a sheer dose of colour.

Best Products for Chapped Lips: Lipstick

bite beauty lipstick amuse bouche (8 of 8)

While I LOVE my liquid matte lipstick, it’s not my friend this time of year. I save those for special occasions or for when I don’t have the luxury to reapply. My favourite is Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte Lip. The price is right, and I find the formula to be the most moisturizing option for liquid mattes. I also like Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid lipstick as well. Both of these options stay put, so you’re applying less product, and your lips dry out less! I find that the Stila option is very cushiony and masks chapped lips very well!

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon is one of my OG lipsticks for winter time. They come in a variety of colours and are really easy to use. The waxy texture glides over chapped lips and the colour doesn’t flake either!

Another GREAT lipstick for the dry winter months is Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche. I am in love with this line, made of 99% natural ingredients. My favourite colour right now is Verbena, a natural peachy-pink.  I also reviewed some other shades from the Amuse Bouche collection here. The formula is so moisturizing, creamy and delicious. It also pairs well with the Agave Lip Mask!

Best Products for Chapped Lips: Lip Glosses

During the winter, I like to avoid traditional, sticky lip gloss. I find that my hair gets blown by the wind and gets stuck in my lips. One product I do love that’s technically a gloss is a lip oil. For price tag alone, Essence’s Prettifying Lip Oil is a great product. I like to use it on its own, or put on top of a lip stick for a pretty barrier from the elements. The brand’s Beauty Balm Lip Gloss is also a great non-sticky formula.

All of the products listed in this post are cruelty-free, and most contain natural ingredients. 



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