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sunflower fields near toronto that are still open in august 2018

In late July, sunflowers bloom. And this year, finding sunflower fields near Toronto was the #1 activity for bloggers, photography enthusiasts and trend followers alike. Our Instagram feeds became clogged with pictures of sunflower fields near Toronto, at Bogle Seeds a family farm in Hamilton, Ontario. And last Saturday, chaos ensued. As this article documents, thousands came to Bogle Seeds to view the sunflowers, and catch the gram.

sunflower fields near toronto still open wayf grenoble off the shoulder jumpsuit pinstripes

We had planned to visit Bogle Seeds that Sunday, but after seeing the chaos, I wanted to check the farm’s opening hours so we could arrive before they would open. I was shocked that their website indicated they were closed for the season. In peak bloom!? I needed answers. Their Facebook page explained they closed down for the season, because so many people came  the police was called, and out of safety concern, the attraction was closed down.

The Globe and Mail article detailed 7,000 cars showed up that Saturday, and with admission set at $7.50 per person, there was a large financial boom from the trend. Yes it was pandemonium and they were ill-prepared. However, with all the interest, a police officer could have been hired to help control traffic. Another option would be to sell a set amount of tickets per day to control crowds. My sister has visited the Carlsbad flower fields many times, where admission is a hefty $18 per person. Yes, it’s more to pay, but like Terre Blue Lavender, the higher price tag can deter more people. Of course, it’s never okay to be disrespectful and trespass or trample flowers, and it’s sad that it ended up this way. However, as I detail later in this post, I don’t think Instagram is whole-heartedly to blame.

large sunflower fields in caledon ontariogirl in sunflower field

With the news that Bogle Seeds shut down its 1 million + sunflowers to guests, I went in search of more sunflower fields near Toronto that are still open. Thanks to some Facebook and Google map searching, I found an excellent solution for those still looking to experience a sunflower field this year.

Sunflower Fields Near Toronto that are still open

On Twitter, a friend recommended Sunnydale Farms in Prince Edward County. The farm was a solid 2.5-3 hours away from Toronto with traffic, and I’m one of the few Toronto “influencers” (ugh, I despise that term), that doesn’t get the PEC hype. We are trying to conserve our gas consumption and driving, so we were hoping to find a closer option.

After some sleuthing, I found Davis Feed and Farm Supply on Facebook, a local farm located 45 minutes north of Toronto in Caledon. These sunflower fields near Toronto might not be as large as Bogle Seeds, but the fields were very impressive, and there weren’t any crowds yet…

davis feed sunflower fielddavis feed and farm supply sunflower field wayf red and white pinstripe off the shoulder top

Another great aspect about visiting this Sunflower field in Caledon is that they allow dogs! I saw so many cute pups including a Chow Chow and a cute Rottweiler who was doing a photo shoot with a little baby girl.

Davis Feed and Farm Supply is open every day from 8am to 6 pm, giving you the opportunity to stop by in the morning before the sun gets too strong. We arrived around 11 a.m. on Sunday, and we were able to get one of the parking spots. The road in to the sunflower farm was much wider, and cars could park on the shoulders as well. I’d still arrive earlier in the day, in case it gets busy.

Admission was $5.00 and we were instructed to follow a clockwise path around the sunflower fields. We found it a bit too busy, so we went counter-clockwise, which was a bit of a mistake in that you would mostly see the backs of the sunflowers. Nevertheless we took about an hour taking in the atmosphere, marvelling at all the bees (do not come here if you are allergic), and taking pictures along the way. We never strayed from the path, and only went into the field where there were clear openings. All the guests visiting, mostly families, were respectful. We helped take photos of larger families along the way.

davis feed sunflower field caledon ontariodavis feed and farm supply sunflowers

At the entrance of the sunflower fields on the south-east corner, is a stunning pink velvet couch that made the PERFECT photo opportunity. Families were gracious enough to share photos of each other.

Nothing was chaotic. Yes, we were there to shoot content for my website, but also experience the beauty of a sunflower field in peak bloom. Daniel and I are avid flower enthusiasts. I can often convince him of a travel destination if there’s a large garden, palm house or greenhouse to visit. Sunflowers were my grandfather’s favourite flower, and they always remind me of him. Seeing a whole field full of these smiling faces is something everyone should experience… it just makes you feel good.

sunflower fields near toronto that are still open

In China, sunflowers mean good luck, and a long life, and the flower is more recently associated with the Sunflower Student protest movement in Taiwan. It was sweet to see many Chinese families come out together and enjoy the sunflower fields, and younger families take family photos together with their children. So no, this isn’t just about “getting the perfect instagram” and I personally think it’s naive to say so.

I only wished we had packed more water – I would have loved to have stayed for a picnic to take in the view longer. Make sure to pack water in a S’Well bottle with you, it gets very hot in the sun, and the entire field takes about 45 minutes to walk around.

I hope to make visiting the sunflower fields an annual tradition, and sincerely hope that more fields consider opening their doors to the families, photographers and bloggers that were inspired by their beauty! For now, Davis Feed and Farm Supply wins my whole-hearted recommendation! When you visit, you can also purchase eggs from their farm for $4, as well as local honey. We left with both, because we wanted to support the farm and come home with some goodies!

What I wore to visit the Sunflower Fields

red and white pinstripe seersucker jumpsuit

On our visit to Davis Feed and Farm Supply, I wore a red and white pinstripe WAYF Grenoble Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit,  which I found from Winners, but is on sale at Nordstrom for under $70 CAD. I paired it with comfy Melissa Classy sandals and my vintage Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud bag (similar vintage Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud bag available here).

sunflower field outfit red jumpsuitvintage louis vuitton saint cloud mod shot

A cute hat makes a great accessory in a sunflower field, however I opted for some boho braided hair. I love wearing jumpsuits in summer, and this cotton WAYF jumpsuit was very lightweight and comfortable. I love the ruffle shoulder and its structure.

If you visit a sunflower field, I would recommend that you wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. The path was a bit muddy after a storm a couple days prior, and it was in general a bit dusty. I would also suggest to avoid white and light-coloured clothing, as pollen from the Sunflowers can get onto your clothing! My backside got a bit of pollen, but luckily I wore cotton so it came out okay in the wash. Definitely skip silk!

It was such a magical visit, and I’m sad how the “sunflower field trend” was handled by disrespectful tourists, and the media alike. At the end of the day, most of us wanted to enjoy the beauty of a field of yellow flowers with our loved ones, and I hope it will be an event for more people to discover in future years to come. ?

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