Soap & Glory Webinar

With catchy names like Sexy Mother Pucker, Look Better Naked Body Butter and Glow Job, Soap & Glory is Britain’s hottest export to North America since Prince Harry’s escapades in Vegas.

 The brand, available at Shoppers Drug Mart has a full line of body and beauty products to get you primped and pretty! The Soap & Glory brand has been around since 2006, when Kilgore started the products from scratch. The brand is now available in 6 countries!

They recently held a webinar Q&A, which is such a cool concept for beauty editors/bloggers to take part in an event even if they have other engagements or 9-5 jobs/school (like me!)

The event was hosted by Marcia Kilgore, a beauty expert and founder of the brand and the famed bliss spa, who was also Madonna’s and Oprah’s facialist! The Saskatchewan native has even been on the cover of TIME magazine and is partly responsible for starting the day-spa trend in the 1990s.

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

I asked Kilgore, “When the weather changes from humid and hot in the summer to dry winter, it’s always harsh on my skin. What products are recommended for getting sensitive skin ready for cool, dry weather?”

And she replied, “Hey Natalie, if you’re talking ‘skin on your body’, I’m happy to say that all of our shower gels have moisturizers built-in for this exact between season reason. Use a body butter post shower or bath when your skin is still damp and you’ll get an extra moisturizing effect from the humectants.”

“If you’re talking about ‘facial’ skin, think about layering the moisturizer like you layer your clothes. Don’t wash your face until you feel it squeak (CLEAN IS NOT SYNONYMOUS with DRY). Use a creamy cleanser to remove makeup without drying your face, and layer serums under moisturizers to get that double hydrating effect, so you don’t get dry,” she adds.

For battling dry lips, Kilgore advises to avoid lip balms with menthol of camphor because they will dry out your lips! Shea butter and beeswax are a better bet.

For my second question, I asked Marcia if it’s good to rotate body wash products (like I do with shampoo) or stick to one tried-and-true body wash?

She answered, ” Natalie, I think you can stick with the one you love. So, for instance, should you LOVE Clean On Me (our bestselling shower gel)I think it’s perfectly fine for you to stick with it. (I read that people who stick with things they love are actually HAPPIER than those who are always looking for something new, which underscores my neighbour, Frederick’s motto, which is that ‘better is the enemy of good’. I’ve never heard of anybody who suffered from bodywash buildup!”

I admit that I was a serial body wash rotater, going from Body Shop to La Roche Posay all the time. I’ve been a loyal St. Ive’s Apricot Exfoliating Body Wash customer, but I’m excited to try the Bubbling Bath Soak and Clean on Me Body Wash from S&G because their scents are divine! I was gifted the three products above and I can’t wait to relax in a bubble bath. I’m already a fan on the body butter – the scent is so nice and elegant, a complete departure from the typical fruity and sugary smells. I’ll give my thoughts on the products later when I test them out!

As for those creative catchy product names? Kilgore says that she comes up with them when she goes to sleep or is walking down the street… but her crew is now involved. In a brainstorming sesh with a bunch of corporate suits, Kilgore says that they came up wtih “Neat around the bush” for a bikini wax product!

Here is a link to view the webinar!

Soap and Glory is available at Shoppers Drug Mart & Pharmaprix in Canada.

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