Karlie Kloss’ ribs airbrushed – I’ve had enough!

I have absolutely had enough of Karlie Kloss. A shadow of a woman, the poor girl does not look healthy. This is proof:

Image via Fashionista.com Photo by Greg KadelThe model is so thin that a recent photoshoot for Numero, Karlie’s prominent ribs were airbrushed out when the editorial went to print! She’s so thin that she needs to be airbrushed!? This is wrong on so many levels. I know that she is the face of the moment, but if they didn’t want a walking skeleton for the shoot, why didn’t they hire a healthier looking model? Why doesn’t Kloss’ agent tell her to put on, say, five pounds to look healthier?

I am gobsmacked why everyone feigns over this model. She represents everything wrong with fashion’s female ideal and this ideal (or at least, her) needs to be boycotted. If fashion weeks around the globe can institute BMI requirements, why can’t magazines as well?

I don’t think this promotes anorexia, but merely an unrealistic image of the female form. I think the fact that they edited the photos made it worse, because it’s an illusion. The fact is, if you’re that skinny, jutting out ribs and bones will show!

While people defend Kloss’ skeleton svelte silhouette, saying she’s a ballerina, I’d like to share my perspective (as a former ballerina) on the matter. Yes, ballet exercises give that kind of lean muscle definition, but her thighs lack the strength and toning of a practising dancer. We shouldn’t use her being a ballerina as an excuse for her figure, because eating disorders are rampant in ballet, and often the ballet environment enforces this from a young age. I’ve personally had ballet teachers constantly commenting on my weight, and I’m sure Kloss has had similar experiences in dance or in her fashion career. Ballerinas are strong, athletic and beautiful, and while Kloss is beautiful, I doubt she would have the stamina to dance a variation from Carmen for two hours on stage.

Here’s what photographer Greg Kadel’s studio had to say:

It was Greg’s desire to represent Karlie as she naturally is … slender, athletic and beautiful. That is why he released the images as he intended them to be seen by the public. He is shocked and dismayed that unbeknownst to him, Numéro took it upon themselves to airbrush over his original images. Greg stands by his original artwork and cannot stress enough that he not only was unaware of the magazine’s retouching but also finds the airbrushing of Karlie unacceptable and unnecessary.

I completely agree with the above statement. While the photos are haunting (not beautiful, I find them very sad), they should have been left intact for publication.

The original photo. Photography by Greg Kadel.

In my opinion, Karlie and her photoshopped ribcage don’t have a place in the fashion world, I just hope people wake up and end her 15 minutes before her health gets even more jeopardized.

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