Reflecting on 2018 + 19 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

I could describe 2018 as a year of growth. A slow progression, building upon my accomplishments in 2017 to build my career, blog and personal life. There were some ups and downs, but overall, I left 2018 proud of my professional development and excited for the road ahead in 2019. I wanted to take the time to reflect on 2018 and share 19 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019.

Call to the Bar in Ontario in Toronto, June 2018 What I wore to get called to the bar in Ontario: robes, and Christian Louboutin pumps.

Above all, my biggest highlight of the year was being called to the bar in Ontario. The journey to becoming a lawyer is a long one, with financial, mental and sometimes physical challenges. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. After four years of undergrad, one year freelancing as a journalist/blogger/nanny/tutor, taking the LSAT three times, three years of law school, two bar exams and over ten months of articling (similar to apprenticing in a law firm), I am finally A LAWYER. One of my proudest moments was donning a pair of red-soled Christian Louboutin Ograde pumps and walking across the stage at the Roy Thompson Hall.

While I still need to get my LSO membership framed, it’s the most important piece of paper in my life, next to my passport. No other accomplishment will ever come near. No wedding, no engagement, no job. Nothing. This was the biggest day of my life. After getting called to the bar, my family celebrated with a lovely dinner at Canoe, overlooking the stunning skyline of Toronto. I was truly on top of the world.

Another highlight for me in 2018 was traveling with Daniel to Portugal. I spent a lot of time researching destinations, hunting for the best properties, gluten-free pastel de nata and stunning beach vistas. Portugal did not disappoint, and if you haven’t been yet, put it on your travel wish list for 2019. Our direct flight from Toronto was inexpensive and short, and hotels were often under $200 CAD per night for luxury accommodation. The food was delicious, and I enjoyed exploring the colourful, tiled streetscapes, as the hilly landscaped sculpted my legs. From exploring the fantastical Pena Palace in Sintra, to drinking wine in the Douro Valley at a stunning villa, to relaxing in the Algarve, there is so much variety in Portugal, and it’s so accessible.

This summer, I took a bit of time after being called to the bar to reflect and refocus what I wanted out of my career in law. I made the conscious decision to no longer seek out partnerships with brands, instead allowing opportunities to come to me, in order to focus my time on law and creating the content I want to. I found the influencer game led to a lot of anxiety, and zapped all the fun out of it. I want to pursue my platforms with passion. I hope that in 2019 you’ll see a shift in what you read and see on my social accounts. This summer, I spent it primarily by the lake, taking in nature while spending time with my loved ones. I’m grateful for that blissful time, as the fall that followed was a bit more turbulent, with my partner moving to another city, and I had to leave my beloved, cozy midtown apartment. I’ve learned to adapt and while the situation isn’t ideal, it’s not permanent. That perspective is something I really learned coming out of 2018. While at times I felt that I wouldn’t find a job in law, it wasn’t ideal and it wasn’t permanent. This too shall pass.

Another highlight was travelling to Iceland in March. It was a challenging trip, but very rewarding. I created a three-day itinerary complete with a Golden Circle Tour, exploring Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon, and a Southern Iceland journey to Vik. I have always been a bit nervous driving in winter, and Iceland definitely tested my skills. I learned to take things in stride and adapt to conditions outside my control. I had the best time travelling with my friend Nicole, and while we didn’t see the Northern Lights, we had a lovely time spa-hopping, eating hot dogs and petting Icelandic Horses. I can’t wait to go back… in summer next time!

For 2019, a lot is happening. In January, a trip to Québec, Playa del Carmen and Tulum and starting a new job. In March, I’m also hoping to move into a new home and make it my own. I expect a lot of challenges and am ready for it. I think the harder times in 2018 equipped me with more perspective. To cap off this post, I’m sharing 19 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019:

19 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

1. Focus on my career as a lawyer

2. Organize my home

Maybe watching “Tidying Up” on Netflix is helping, but I’m tackling my possessions one bit at a time.

3. Create a new home in the condo

I’m excited to be moving into a new home in early spring, and can’t wait to decorate it. I’ll be sharing lots of home updates on the blog, so stay tuned!

4. Read more – 19 books in 2019

As a law student, I read a lot. I used to love reading for pleasure but started to supplant bedtime reading for Netflix during law school. I want to read 19 books in 2019, as I think this is a more realistic goal.

5. Exercise twice a week 

While articling, I didn’t set aside enough time to take care of my body. I’m hoping to find a routine and stick with it, and not just rely on my long walks and intermittent fasting to stay in shape.

6. Cook for myself more

7. Eat more vegetables

8. Take care of my body and balance my gut health & stress

I’m thinking the above few goals should help, but I really want to figure out my gut health issues and heal.

9. Make 5 new friends

10. Reconnect with old friends

11. Visit London and New York

I’m dying to visit Sabina in London and perhaps plan a trip to New York Fashion Week in September or finally do Christmas in New York. I don’t have huge travel ambitions in 2019, as I want to focus on my career. Shorter, long-weekend trips seem more realistic for me.

12. Delegate blog tasks by hiring a video editor and photographer

13. Focus on my website and building a community and resource for fashionable professionals

14. Volunteer my time and skills with a cause I believe in – or continue to donate money if I can’t donate time

15. Keep my blog tasks organized by sticking to an editorial calendar and not taking on too much. Focus on content quality over volume.

16. Stretch every day.

17. Put my phone down at meals.

18. Learn more about wine.

After visiting the Douro Valley, and an incredible lunch with the CEO and President of Veuve Clicquot, I want to learn a bit more about winemaking, varietals and wine in general. Maybe join a wine club as well if I have time.

19. Learn a new skill or hobby.

I’d love to get back into creating visual art, and am thinking of doing pottery, watercolour or film photography to exercise my right brain. I also might try squash. Time will only tell.

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