What’s in my Fashion Week Handbag? Michael Kors Selma review

What’s in my Fashion Week Handbag? Michael Kors Selma review

World Mastercard Fashion Week kicks off today, and I am excited to bring reviews and fashion week coverage to my blog. I also wanted to share a little bit of behind-the-scenes action, including what people are wearing and how I prepare for a week-long schedule of events. Besides my DSLR and heels, there’s one other thing I can’t live without… and that’s a large structured bag filled to the brim with “fashion week essentials.” Here’s a peek inside my Michael Kors Selma bag.

I like to tote around a large structured bag. The Michael Kors Selma is perfect because it is large, functional and very neutral in this grey python colour. I love that it can fit my DSLR as well as everything I need when I’m in the tents all day.

jcrew leopard iphone case

First and foremost, my iPhone 5 is always with me. From instagramming the runway to beauty updates, I love how it takes amazing pictures. A cute case is a must too, this leopard one is by J. Crew. I never want to run out of battery and miss a snap either, so a pocket backup battery is a good idea.

Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying my whole emergency beauty kit with me. My eyes can get dry after a long day, so eye drops and contact solution are always in my bag. Band-aids are also a must to prevent any blisters after walking around in heels all day! I also bring my Neutrogena powder foundation, and touch up with hot pink YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick. No one likes having lipstick on their teeth, so I carry a slim pack of Kleenex tissues for blotting… this will help avoid any awkward lipstick-on-teeth moments.whats in my bag

I love how Kleenex slim packs now come in all these cute designs! I can even match them to what bag or outfit I’m wearing! You can check out more info and find your favourite design on the Kleenex Style page.

kleenex pocket packs

kleenex style pocket packs

I also like to carry around a notebook to take notes on shows, and my mint day planner to keep me organized! I usually use iCal, but there’s something about writing things down that makes things stick.

My Kate Spade wallet holds my cash, while my Miu Miu sunglasses add a bit of glam to a look. I also like to carry a cute card case, this black baroque one by Anna Sui does triple duty as it holds my blog cards, has a mirror and I can also fit some blotting papers to erase any shine.

Lastly, gum and snacks are a must. I love these chocolate covered dried fruits. They are the perfect sugar fix when you’re tired from walking around in heels all day!

This post was sponsored by Kleenex.

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