Triangl Lily Strawberry Kiss Review

I was so excited to wear the new Triangl Lily Strawberry Kiss bikini when I went to Cancun for Spring Break. I loved sharing my thoughts on the Triangl Milly bikini, and was super happy to work with Triangl again. Here’s my Triangl Lily Strawberry Kiss review:

triangl lily strawberry kiss bikini

Triangl Lily Style

Obviously, the Australian Triangl brand has style on point. The colour block design is super popular right now, and I love the mix of neons and pastels. The pink and orange is very flattering on both fair and tanned skin (another girl at the resort had the same one!) and they are such fun, summery colours. What I love about this style over the Milly is that it’s strapless which means no tanlines! My only worry is that the lightest colour (the pink) is on the backside so you need to be careful to not get it dirty. To handwash the suit, I used a gentle handsoap or shampoo and laid it flat to dry. NEVER put it in a washer or dryer, because it will crease!

triangl bikini flash tattoos

I also love that the top completely unzips. The back of the bikini has a buckle clasp but having the full zipper on the front makes it super easy to get in and out of.

triangl neoprene beach bag

The bikini also came with a neoprene bag, which was pink on the outside and orange inside. The bag is small and creases easily, so I kept my coverup and sunglasses in there one day.

Triangl Lily Fit

triangl lily bikini review

I’m wearing both the top and bottom in size small, just like the Milly. I consulted with the brand’s livechat option to confirm, and the sizing is similar for this new style as well. I found that the top was tight but didn’t squish me too much. I swam in the ocean a few times and had long walks on the beach and morning yoga classes on the beach and had no “peekaboo” moments in this top. The neoprene stretches to conform to your body, and sucks you in like shapewear.

triangl lily strawberry kiss pink bikini

As for the bottoms, I found them very snug and maybe could have gone up to the medium, however, I don’t like too much coverage on my bum, so I think I will stick with small in the future. These bottoms never ride up and give your booty a little boost if you know what I mean. I will say though that this top is probably best suited for women with medium sized busts. I don’t think it would be too supportive for a large bust, and for smaller-chested women, it might flatten your breasts too much. My sister (who is tinier than me) looked a little bit flatter, so the classic Triangl or Milly is a good option! For myself, I loved the way it looked on me and I felt natural. There’s been a trend of super push up bikini tops and I think it’s ridiculous. I’m perfectly happy and confident with myself, and love being able to swim in the ocean without being weighed down by three pounds of wet foam!

triangl lily bikini cancun

You can check out a quick video with me wearing the suit in action, as well as my thoughts:

Triangl Service

triangl lily strawberry kiss review

I placed the order and it took a couple days to fulfill, however once the bikini was shipped, it arrived via FedEx in ONE DAY. Can you believe it? If you’re in need of a killer bikini for a last minute getaway, you could definitely rely on their service (keep in mind they quoted 4-7 business days, which is still fast for an international order). Shipping costs $20 but it’s definitely worth it for that kind of service. As for the duty fees, I don’t know why that surprises anyone. When you order something from another country, especially with luxury or fashion goods, you will be charged import taxes! Factor this into the cost of your item. Triangl only sells bikinis on their official website, so don’t be fooled!

I hope you enjoyed my Triangl Lily Strawberry Kiss review! Like I said in the video, I can’t wait to wear this bikini in the summer and work on my tan… after the coldest February ever, Cancun and summer feels like a distant memory! Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to this summer! xo

Bikini provided thanks to Triangl for review, thoughts are all my own!



  1. Elena
    February 28, 2015 / 7:20 am

    Hello! this bikini really looks gorgeous on you! love the colours and the fit. What are your measurements (bust and hips)? I’m trying to choose between XS and S, so I would much appreciate your reply, it would help me to make up my mind.

  2. March 21, 2015 / 12:24 am

    Just ordered this from ebay. I have a slight suspicion it isn’t the real brand but it sure down look like it, it also has the neprene material. I ordered it in a small too, so excited for it to come!

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