Triangl Milly Bikini review

I’m definitely a beach bunny and love spending my time at the beach and by my pool at the cottage in the summer. I was so excited when Triangl sent me the Milly bikini in Santa Rosa splash to feature on my blog. I’ve been coveting a style from their line for a while, and in short, I’m definitely impressed. Here’s my Triangl Milly bikini review where I’ll go over fit, construction and style benefits!

Triangl Milly bikini review: fit

neoprene bikini

On Triangl’s website, they have a live chat option where you can ask questions and speak with an agent in real-time. My bra size is 34B and I was debating between the XS or small Milly top. She suggested to go with the small and I’m glad I did. I will admit that I have a fairly average cup and band size combination, and I found that the small top offered plenty of coverage while also offering support. The straps are adjustable (like a regular bra) and the back of the suit has a thick clasp that feels very secure. When wet, the top stayed in place and I didn’t feel like it would gape or move while swimming. Because this is a bra-like swimsuit top, I would feel comfortable snorkelling as well in the Triangl Milly top. I also like that you can hike up the straps and make your girls look a bit more “perky”. Usually bikini tops don’t flatter my smaller bust, but this top looked great.

As for the bottom, the neoprene is very thick and almost acts like shapewear. The bottom offered a lot of coverage (which I personally prefer). When I swam around in my pool I found that at first the bottom would gape, but when it is fully wet, it clings to your body, exactly like a wetsuit. I also got the bottom in a size small, I usually wear a size 27 jean.

Triangl Milly bikini review: construction

triangl bikini milly

The key feature of a Triangl bikini is the thick, neoprene fabric. I love that this bikini is thick and substantial, and even in light colours (my sister has the California Coral – a pretty light pink shade), the suit is completely opaque when it’s dry or wet. If you’re looking for a white bikini, the Milly also now comes in Indiana Ice and looks so gorgeous! The neoprene fabric creases easily, so make sure not to slump around in it while sunbathing and store/dry it flat. After swimming in chlorine, I washed it in the sink with some gentle hand soap and laid it flat to dry.

triangl santa rosa splash

As I mentioned before, the Milly top has adjustable straps that are also stretchy and offered a lot of support. The back clip is a really neat detail that has a scuba-like feel.

Triangl Milly bikini review: style

blue triangl bikini

The Triangl Milly bikini gets an A+ in style. The cool colour, Santa Rosa Splash is neon and bright, but very flattering. The black piping details add interest and accents the bikini’s scuba suit construction. I found that the bikini was the perfect amount of coverage and looked very flattering.

The best part about this experience was the great service. The bikini shipped in only three days and made it just in time to wear for labour day before we closed our pool. If you’re looking to invest in a quality swimsuit that is also very fashionable, I’d definitely recommend the Triangl Milly bikini. I love the way the top looks on, and can’t wait to bring it with me during the holidays.