Sailor Moon Costume

Sailor Moon Costume

For Halloween this year, I was one of my favourite childhood characters… Sailor Moon! My Sailor Moon costume was actually a repeat outfit, from when I was a child! My mother sewed the costume for me from a McCall pattern (which I’m sure I still have…) and made it in the largest size. I added a pair of gorgeous red leather over the knee boots, white gloves and a toy Sailor Moon’s wand  to complete the look.

sailor-moon-costume-1-of-7 sailor-moon-costume-7-of-7


My boyfriend was tuxedo mask, because my costume wouldn’t be complete! For his Tuxedo Mask costume, Daniel wore a tuxedo from Topshop, a white shirt, a vampire cape (flipped inside out to hide the red collar), a top hat and a papier maché mask from the Dollar Store.

sailor-moon-costume-pattern-vintage sailor-moon-costume-3-of-7 sailor-moon-costume-5-of-7

The costume was too short (I guess I FINALLY grew into it, mom!) so I layered a blue pleated skirt from Forever 21 underneath. The biggest element of this costume, and what really ties it together in the details was my DIY red choker. I took apart a moon necklace that I bought from Forever 21, and hot glued it onto a ribbon, fastened with velcro to make it stay in place all night.

Sailor Moon Hairstyle

sailor moon hairstyle how to

As for my hair, everyone was asking me if it was real! To get a Sailor Moon hairstyle, I separated my hair in four high ponytails. I teased the front two ponys and created a bun, pinning as I went. I used some KMS California Hair Play texture spray to lock in the buns. I added a one clip extension under the bun, and fake bangs on top to tie in the look! The first time I tried this hairstyle, it took nearly an hour to get perfect, but on the second night I dressed up, it took a mere 10 minutes! Practice makes perfect so next time, I will rehearse my Halloween hair.


I hope you enjoyed my Sailor Moon costume! It was a dream come true, especially with Tuxedo Mask by my side. You can check out previous costumes, including our Moonrise Kingdom one, a Tangled Halloween, and my turn as Elsa the Snow Queen!

P.S. Big thanks to my friend Daisy for lending me her incredible red boots!


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