OPI Hawaii Collection Review

Ahhh summer. Nothing like wearing a cute pair of sandals and showing off your pedicure. If you know me, you know I LOVE nailpolish, and one collection I can’t get enough of is the OPI Hawaii Collection. I’ve been wearing this set of colours all summer long and wanted to share my take on it, and some creative ways on how to wear it.


OPI Hawaii Collection Review

First things first, the collection features 12 hula-rific shades in an array of opaque and shimmery colours. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the opaque shades, with their poppy bright pastels and unique colour ways we haven’t really seen before.

opi hawaii collection IMG_2376

My favourite shades from this collection are without a doubt, Suzi Shops and Island Hops and This Color’s Making Waves. The Suzi colour is a gorgeous bubblegum pink. It reminds me of CND’s Cake Pop but has more life to it and is a pure, pink colour – no gray undertones at all! I love it on my toes and digits equally, but I’ve brought this bottle to the salon a few times for my pedicure because I just love it.


Also in that pastel range, I love the pastel green That’s Hula-rious. Here I wore it with the metallic My Gecko Does Tricks, for a fun St. Patrick’s Day mani, but the green is so pretty on its own. I like it on toes – it’s amazing how it doesn’t look sickly green, and again, is a pure colour!


I also like Is Mai Tai Crooked?, which reminds me of a Hawaiian sunset you might see on Instagram. Here, I paired it with Aloha From OPI (a great coral pink-red that’s perfect for toes!) for a sunset-inspired mani.

opi hawaii green and blue shades

purple kate spade bag


My other standout favourite from the collection is This Color’s Making Waves, I like to call it the Mermaid shade because it looks just like that. I ADORE this shade. It’s iridescent and magnificent. I like to wear it on both my hands and toes, but this is definitely a go-to shade for a summer pedicure! It looks cute paired with the purple Lost My Bikini in Molokini, as a fun accent nail too!

opi hawaii orange shades opi hawaii purple colours

The formula itself is a dream, as usual with OPI. Two coats, a top coat and you’re good to go. I rarely got any smudges or bubbling either. I found that if I sealed the colour in correctly with the matching OPI top coat, I got good result for at least three days no chipping, and with a lighter colour, I would wear it for a week. On my toes, I easily went two weeks with Suzi Shops and Island Hops – a light bubblegum pink which is so forgiving. I plan on taking these colours into fall, toned down as accent nails, or as a fun pedicure.
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