In April, I visited Munich, Germany and fell in love with their open-air markets, historic beer halls and of course, the colourful shops that sold deirndls and leiderhosen. I couldn’t resist picking up a deirndl myself, I am an 1/8th German after all. Funnily enough, my last name Ast translates to “branch” in German. So whenever someone snarky says “that’s a weird name” it’s not. I just hate going into the etymology every single time I tell someone my succinct three-letter last name. Anyways I’m veering off topic. I took these photos when I was still living in my spacebox in Utrecht. How I miss the fluffy, sweet sheep behind me! In October for 15 days, the Germans celebrate by drinking large quantities of beer with masses of people. I could only dream of drinking beer (I’m celiac) in a beergarten in Munich’s English garden park this time of year! Here’s what I would wear to the festivities…

My deirndl and blouse is from Original Steindl in Munich. I found it on sale at their Marienplatz market location. Some other retailers have online shops, so if you’re planning on being a beermaid or Deutsche mädchen (maiden) for Halloween, why not buy the real deal? It will cost just as much as the fake, plastic dresses at Party Packagers in the end. I styled (ha! what a joke, I’m practically wearing a beermaid costume) the outfit with a pair of nude oxfords and a brown woven belt.

I love the cut outs on this blouse! It’s so fun and flirty, I’ve worn the blouse without the overskirt for a crop top that is Brigitte Bardot-inspired.

Happy Oktoberfest! If you didn’t make it out to Kitchener, in Toronto, Jack Astor’s Front Street is holding an Oktoberfest this Thursday evening! The perfect excuse for me to bust out this look… because you know it’s been dying to come out, way at the back of my closet… mmm I’m already yearning for schweinshaxe (pig’s knee) and sausages!


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