Bourjois Paris Holiday Makeup Event

Last week, Bourjois Paris held an event where guests were primped and pampered Paris-style. Champagne and makeup touch-ups are always a good mix in my books, and 50 per cent off handbags? It was a sweet deal I’m sad I missed. My sister went in my place while I was stuck on the SRT (which should be renamed sluggish rotten transit) and snapped some pics from the event.

I first became a fan of Bourjois Paris when I tried their Little Round Pot Eyeshadow. I liked that they are packed with pigments, come in gorgeous metallic colours and have a smart compact design. Because who doesn’t apply eyeshadow once in a while with their finger in the back of a cab? Those days are bound to happen, and a bronze or highlighting beige little round pot can come in handy.

One item from their product line I’m super excited to try are their lashes. I already have thick lashes, but these corner pieces are perfect for adding a cat-eye flare to my look. I think they’re sexy, and I like that this product gives you the option to apply all of them for a full set, or to be used sporadically for a subtle, sexy effect.

Another way to amp up your lashes is with Bourjois Paris’ new mascara, Blackjack. Launching in November at Shoppers Drug Mart, the mascara delivers lasting volume, thanks to its vinyl formula. The formula was created for clubbers, so I’m curious to see if this tube will hold up when I get to party in Cancun in a couple months–can’t it come any sooner???

Another product aimed at the party-set is this hair and body spray. I’m not sure if I would be comfortable using this on my sensitive skin, but hair glitter is so awesome. I know it may seem tacky in a normal beauty routine, but trust me, for a night out, luminescent hair is a captivating effect, as long as it’s an updo, or you might have a crunchy, sparkly mess on your hands. I haven’t tried this product yet, but as a ballet dancer, we always put sparkle spray into our hair, and I’ve always wondered why a mainstream beauty company hasn’t caught onto this! It’s our best-kept secret for making our hair shine from far away. ┬áThis product has gold flecks which I know will amplify my blonde hair, and I’m excited to try it the next time I go to an event or onstage!

Guests were treated to free makeup touchups (by this point, my eyeliner was melting on the humid, non-moving transit vehicle) by makeup artists. The event also launched the new Paris Blue Moonlight colour collection. Filled with monochromatic blues and silvers, the colours evoke a starry night in Paris. I remember my first night in Paris, and it was enchanting and magical…

I love blue for nails and I have to say Bourjois has nailed it with the sapphire nail polish hue, Bleu Moonlight.

The event was held at handbag brand, Jeanne Lottie‘s showroom in Yorkville. The house is pink from the outside, and just as cute inside! Guests were also treated to 50 per cent off their handbag line and accessories…

Some of the bags were so cute and playful, and even though my collection is pulling on my pursestrings, my sister was tempted to pick up that crystal dog!

Check out Bourjois Paris’ Facebook page for weekly contests and beauty inspiration.


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