Levi’s x Lookbook.nu Global Style Party in Toronto

Levi’s x Lookbook.nu Global Style Party in Toronto

Hello Lovelies… just a quick post before I go to bed. I’m really excited to attend the Levi’s x Lookbook Global Style Party today at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. Some of my fellow Toronto-based fashion bloggers and friends will be there (like Bobby Raffin & Bianca and Dani of Kastor & Pollux), but there will also be a special appearance by Rachel Iwanyszyn of Jag Lever and DIY-expert and blogger, Elle Frost. If you are fans of their blogs, and you live in Toronto, you should definitely stop by the Drake to say hello. You can RSVP for the event here.

elle frost

Elle Frost, DIY expert

rachel-marie jag lever

Rachel-Marie of Jag Lever

Remember to bring or wear a pair of Levi’s 501’s for some DIY fun. Hope to see you all there!

Images courtesy of Levi’s Global Style Party.



  1. Anna Kenbeek
    May 2, 2013 / 4:27 am

    If I’d live in Toronto i’d really come, it’s so cool to meet bloggers in real life! And DIY things are always nice to do. But it’s a little bit too far from nijmegen ;p
    I just read at the last comments you’ve lived in the Netherlands as well!?

    • May 2, 2013 / 8:38 am

      Yes! Last year I studied at the Hogeschool Utrecht for a semester. I lived in a spacebox and rode a bike everywhere, it was so much fun, I dearly miss the countryside, cheese and stroopwaffles.

      • Anna Kenbeek
        May 2, 2013 / 1:23 pm

        Didn’t know that before! Haha stroopwaffles, are they called like that in English? but yeah there nice!
        Isn’t it also nice to live at a place with less rain? 😉

        • May 3, 2013 / 7:41 pm

          Yes! I would have stayed in Utrecht or Amsterdam if it wasn’t for the rain… Canada is just too lovely in spring and summer. I wish I could split my year there.

  2. May 2, 2013 / 12:03 pm

    Awesome, I’ll see you there! What do you plan to wear?

    • May 3, 2013 / 7:39 pm

      i must’ve missed you at the party last night! i was in a floral shirt and pink short 501s. hope you enjoyed the night, and if you missed it, I’ll be posting an event recap soon <3

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