Lavender Roses in the Snow

This look was inspired by two amazing recent additions to my wardrobe. They might be more geared towards the spring season, but on a warmer day (a couple weeks ago), I got some mileage out of these romantic pieces. I was partly inspired by my room, which is painted in lavender and features oversized black furniture, I wanted to echo that in this look.


My jacket was a Christmas gift, and is still available at Target. My sister got it in a gorgeous true blue, and I will keep my eye out if it eventually comes in yellow or red!

IMG_9857 IMG_9865

My dress is from nowistyle. I love the purple rose print amidst the neutral grey background. The dress is made of a jersey material, so I layered up with a lavender chiffon shirt underneath, and cinched the look together with a lavender Versace for H&M Cruise Collection belt. I love the gold medallion buckle, and the way the supple purple leather perfectly compliments the print on the dress. I usually don’t like being so matchy-matchy, but the dress completely transformed with a shirt underneath. If you’re planning on throwing out an old long-sleeved dress, try layering a shirt under and see if it gets a rebirth before you decide to dismiss the look… You’d be surprised how a collar can add interest to a crew cut neckline.


Continuing with the lavender rose theme, I wore these ornate purple statement earrings from Forever 21. I think that statement earrings are the new statement necklace, and if your earlobes can bear the weight, they instantly compliment a long neck and elongate your face.

IMG_9863 IMG_9870

While I can’t wait to wear this stunning ruffle coat again, I will have to wait patiently in my heavy down parka till the mercury rises.


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