L’été Bohème

This August, I got the wonderful opportunity to write an article and style a shoot for VEUX magazine.  It was my first experience as a Fashion Director, and I’m excited to finally share the piece:

L’été Bohème by Natalie Ast

Shimmering water on lakes, Labour Day fireworks and cool sundresses are some of the highlights of late summer.  But once the sun starts setting early, it’s as if overnight, you can find yourself reaching into the back of the closet for a cashmere sweater and comfy suede boots.

The transition between summer and fall in Canada can be fast and abrupt, making a pre-fall wardrobe a sometimes unnecessary investment. But how can summer pieces worn and loved throughout the hot months translate into the perfect fall wardrobe?

This season, and well into fall, designers have been taking inspiration from the 70s, creating bohemian and free-spirited looks.

Must Haves

The must-have item for summer is a maxi skirt with accordion pleats.  Maxi skirts can be mysterious and borderline witchy, but the essential summer skirt gets an injection of sex appeal with a leg slit and see-through bottom.  This piece can be easily translated into fall with boots and a tailored blazer to balance the feminine, free-flowing bottom.

Piggy-backing onto the bohemian looks as of late, feather accessories are the current renegade trend. Worn as earrings, necklaces or even in your hair, real or faux feathers add an eclectic flair to your look.

White is the New Black

There’s no denying that this summer’s haute hue was white.  Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection featured a runway full of white eyelet and spanish lace, macramé details and ethereal sheer, contrasting with their iconic corseted bodices.  While the fashion Gods are against wearing white after Labour Day, there’s no time like the present to get mileage out of an airy white dress.

Another hot colour for summer was orange. While not everyone can pull off the neon colour block look, richer hues of mustard or persimmon can look sophisticated as a cocktail dress or blouse.  Keep your eyes out for rich shades of wine and burgundy this fall, as well as eggplant.

Prints and Textures

Prints made a splash this summer, at Prada and Stella McCartney.  Those runways featured fruit prints that would make even Carmen Miranda jealous. Wardrobe pieces with vintage scarf prints are one of the hottest emerging trends and are more versatile season-to-season.  Think of vintage Versace and classic Hermès inspired scenes, or bohemian paisley printed on a sheer blouse.

Snakeskin is the print on every fashionista’s style radar. It was at the epicentre of Hannah MacGibbon’s last collection as head designer for Chloe.  Usually reserved for handbags and shoes, the print can be seen on blouses, blazers and even trousers for a look that makes a bold statement.

Whatever statement you want to make, eclectic bohemian-inspired looks will help you go from the sizzling summer to fall in a breeze.

Photography by Sis Wong, Makeup by Emily Fung and Ivy Zheng. Models were Jill Billingsley, Katie Buitendyk, Tia Lukic,  Natalie Ast and Sasha Ast.

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