The Sales Gods have Answered.

A week ago on my way home from my internship, I did some window shopping and decided to step into one of my favourite Canadian stores, Rudsak.  I immediately fell in love with the Leather Linda, a perfect combination of a parka and leather coat.  RUDSAK proves there’s no excuse for wearing a shapeless and ugly Canada Goose coat!

If you live in Canada, there’s no way you can make it through a winter without something either down filled or lined with fur, and I’m always complaining about the cold!  Forgive the horrible quality of this cellphone picture, but you can tell it was a day that wouldn’t warrant a parka, I’m wearing flip flops!

The details and stitching on this coat were amazing, and I couldn’t get over the luxury of having a mid-length leather coat!  What had me sold was the hood, completely lined with fox fur.  I know, call PETA on me, but when it’s cold out, fur keeps you the warmest.

The only thing holding me back from slapping my Visa on the counter was the very hefty pricetag.  Even with all my rational thinking – it’s leather, it’s fur, it’s gorgeous… I couldn’t bring myself to commit to a high-end item with an exchange around the corner.

To my surprise, I got an email from RUDSAK today declaring that this weekend, they’re holding their annual 20% off sale!  From September 9-11, all new items will be 20% off, and the Leather Linda will be mine come Friday.

This almost makes me want cold weather.

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