Hot Child in the City

For some reason, Nick Gilder’s classic retro song, Hot Child in the City was running in the back of my mind. With temperatures in the high 30s and a humidex that made it Toronto feel like an African jungle, I headed down to the Harbourfront to beat the heat.

When it’s this hot out, I try to wear the least amount of clothing as humanly possible. I’m wearing a strapless cotton romper from Urban Planet (a great source for rompers like these at a ridiculously low price), my Massimo Dutti satchel, Prada Minimal Baroque sunnies, and vintage jewelry.

To match my tortoiseshell sunglasses and tribal-print romper, I’m wearing this tortoiseshell necklace. I fell in love with some vintage pieces at the Prada store in Milan, and I love the way they can be both classy and earthy at the same time.

Bangles are a must as well! I’m wearing a mustard yellow resin one, and a honeycomb wood piece from the Caribbean.

To get around the Harbourfront quick, we rented Bixi bikes and did some cruising. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and enjoy the scenery by the lake.

On hot days like this, I try to wear as little makeup as possible (even forgoing lipstick) because everything tends to melt. A touch of powder, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and I’m good to go.

It might not be the jungle, but the jungle has come to Toronto with this heat wave. Let’s see how long it lasts, I have a closet full of easy cotton rompers ready for it!

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