How Glasses Transform Style + 5 Tips for Choosing Glasses

How Glasses Transform Style + 5 Tips for Choosing Glasses

Accessories can transform your wardrobe, but glasses can transform your entire outlook. I’ve worn glasses since grade two, and over the years, I’ve collected some interesting frames.

From a bedazzled 1950s-inspired cat-eye pair, to oversized black hipster frames, I love how glasses can add a level of personality to an outfit.

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My most recent pair of glasses is this bedazzled grey pair by Miu Miu. I love the oversized frame contrasted with the neutral grey plastic. They add drama and interest to any outfit.

blue-and-white-china-dress natalie-ast-ysl-glasses-clearly-contacts-cat-eye-697x1024

I also love a classic sleek cat-eye frame too. I wore this Yves Saint Laurent pair with a retro-inspired printed dress for a Mad Men-era vibe. While this dress can stand on its own, I love how the glasses add a quirky layer of personality.

red dolce and gabbana cat eye sunglasses (1 of 1)

I am also a huge sunglass collector, and have been sharing my favourite pieces over the years. Lately, my red Dolce and Gabbana cat-eye sunglasses are my favourites. These red frames are so retro and glamorous, and they elevate a simple yellow sundress into a Spanish-inspired 1960s look.

quay sunglasses blue mirror (1 of 1)

On the modern side, I’ve been loving this mirrored pair from Quay. The Australian brand is known for eye-catching, cutting-edge sunglass styles. This pair gave my white sundress a trendy edge, and I love wearing them in the winter with a leather jacket.

If you’re still stumped on how glasses can compliment and transform your style, I’ve rounded up five tips to help you select a perfect pair of glasses.

How to choose what glasses to wear

1. Compliment your look

When I’m choosing what eyewear to wear with an outfit (be it eyeglasses or sunglasses), I usually select a frame last. I prefer to have my eyewear compliment my look and not overpower it. I choose a frame based on the colour of my outfit, and the overall vibe. For example, I wouldn’t pair the red lace sunglasses with a minimalist athletic look.

2. Embrace colour & details

I think more people should embrace colour and fun details in their eyewear. While it’s a great idea to invest in classics, like a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses, or tortoiseshell frames, I love finding unique details on my eyewear… that way, they truly stand out!

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My Miu Miu frames are unique in that they are grey (not a colour you see often), and the temple pieces have fun gunmetal-coloured crystals. My Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses also have fun temple piece details with the black lace.

If those two examples are too much for you, my Yves Saint Laurent pair strikes the perfect balance with gold details on the corners.

3. Know your shape

It’s a fact that certain people look better in cat-eyes, or round, or rectangle. If you have a round or heart-shaped face like me, angular cat-eye shapes are a better option than round or rectangular glasses. You can balance out a long, rectangular face shape with a pair of “hipster” glasses or a round sunglass shape.

4. The “Hairstyle test”

When you’re buying a frame, make sure to test the look with your hair up and down to make sure the frame compliments your face in all situations.

5. Ditch trends

While the “hipster glasses” style might have fallen out of favour, don’t be afraid to go with what works for you. Feeling confident in your eyewear will transform your look, while also taking care of your precious eyes.


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