DIY: Ornament Wreath under $30

DIY: Ornament Wreath under $30

With only one week till Christmas, I wanted to share how to make a DIY ornament wreath to bring colour and festive cheer at your doorstep or in your home. Here’s how to make it for under $30.

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You will need:

ornament wreath materials

diy ornament wreath step 1

Step 1: Start by wrapping the ribbon around your styrofoam wreath foam. This ribbon will act as a barrier between the hot glue so the foam form won’t melt. You could also use a colourful ribbon instead of white if you want more colour as well.

diy ornament wreath wrapped

When you’re done wrapping, use tape or regular glue to affix the end of the ribbon onto the wreath.

diy wreath step 2

Step 2: Remove the ornament clips/hooks from the ornament and glue them on the inner rim of the circle form. Don’t worry about colours being adjacent to each other, it will all turn into a beautiful chaos.

diy ornament wreath step 3

Step 3: Repeat this process, but this time, on the outer edge of the wreath.

diy wreath step 4

Step 4: Now that both the inside and outside of the wreath form are covered in ornaments, you can start layering balls on the top of the form. For mine, I worked in clusters, slowly adding ornaments around. You could also put one layer on top, then add a second and so on, but I feel like the “cluster method” works faster and you can control how the ornament clusters turn out.

diy wreath step 5 diy wreath ornaments diy ornament wreath step 5

Step 5: Fill in any remaining gaps with ornaments, By this point it should have 2-3 layers of balls built up. You want to avoid seeing the white form underneath.

diy wreath step 6

Step 6: Find smaller sized ornaments and place them on the tops, or in any remaining gaps that need to be filled.

diy wreath step 7

Step 7: Cut a piece of ribbon and weave it from the back of the wreath, underneath the balls and then back to the front. If you want to show off a contrasting ribbon, you can also tie or wrap it around the whole wreath and end it in a pretty bow.

diy ornament wreath

Step 8: Hang your wreath on a lucite hook or rest it against a mirror on your mantle for a beautiful Christmas display!

This DIY took a couple hours to complete, but was really fun. Using a low temperature glue gun means that it took more glue to keep the ornaments put, but I didn’t have to worry about melting the foam form. I loved my green and red glitter combo, but I would love to make one next year in blue hues or pretty pastels. I think once boxing day rolls around, I will stockpile ornaments for next year’s DIY!


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