The Palazzo pant had its first run as an iconic piece in the 1970s.  This summer, pleats and roomy long chiffon pants are back, and these pants the must have item this season.  They are daring and not the most flattering, but their ethereal appeal create a fashion-forward look.

My palazzo pants are from H&M’s Limited Edition Divided line.  There were hardly any left at the Queen Street West store, I bought them 3 sizes to big (alterations will follow). I love that they were an affordable way to incorporate a trend without digging through my mother’s piles of clothes from her high-school days.

I was so inspired by this shoot.  I felt like a bird (or maybe a really pale, albino monkey) hanging off this massive birdcage structure.  I would have gone upside down but I didn’t want to ruin my pants or new shoes.

These flesh-toned shoes feature a leopard print sole and they were a steal from Zellers! This fashion find has to be shared, and I think I just might go back for the black pair with grey leopard soles.

My flesh-toned corset is from Winners, flower ring is from GUESS, gold mirror ring from H&M and the gold bracelet is a vintage piece from Italy.