Blue tights and grey skies

It was a gorgeous day in Toronto… after a week of frigid temperatures, freezing rain and snow storms, warm temperatures gave us a taste of Spring. It was grey out, and I wanted to bring some colour to a monochromatic look, so I broke the blues with some blue tights.


I was so happy today because I could wear a leather jacket and not feel weighed down by a puffy parka and all the accessories that came with it. Sadly, it was too rainy out to wear the jacket, so I swapped it for this sleek wool topper courtesy of nowistyle. I love the minimalistic shape and the contrasting lapel and sleeves in grey. It takes a simple black a-line coat to another level, without falling into the overly trendy category of colourblocked coats. I love Celine as much as the next person, but I own too many coats to take up valuable real estate if it’s a fad piece. This one definitely fits the bill, even if I always scratch my hands on the tough gold zipper pockets. No pain no gain.

IMG_0919 IMG_0920Accessories were an important part of this outfit as well. My fluorescent cord necklace is a playful twist between nautical and excessive styles. I love the bright colours and crystal details. This necklace has the power to transform a simple tee, and looks great layered with other pieces. The best part was that it cost $7 so when the crystals inevitably fall out, I can alter it or make a new craft out of it with no remorse. My bag on the other hand is a more timeless piece, and worth investing in. Before the hoopla of the Coach Legacy collection, essentially a re-issue of classic designs, eBay was wrought with vintage Coach bags made in the good ol’ USA or Italy. This one, made in the USA is made of the thickest leather that is supple and buttery-soft. They just don’t make them like this anymore. The bag has seen better days, but I plan on researching how to revive the leather with a polish that won’t rub off on my hands (or worse, clothes) and bring it back to its former glory. Even beaten up, this bag is a work horse, and classic enough to go with everything, just like my coat.

IMG_0928Another fad piece were these studded booties. I’ve always been in love with Chloe’s Susanna bootie, but couldn’t dream of affording a pair right now. Details like studs and buckles go in and out of fashion, so while they’re in fashion, I picked up this economical (and disgustingly cheap) pair of booties from Forever 21. I wrestled with the fact that I was buying vinyl- but I’m so impressed with the way they’ve held up, and the fact that they are as comfy as my cowboy boots. Definitely a steal for under $50, and it’s satisfied my need for a pair of ornate booties. I feel like they would be something Dartanian would wear… or a pirate.

IMG_0897 IMG_0916While this warm weather won’t last, I was happy I got to wear some of the newest pieces in my closet without having to worry about salt stains or getting frost nip. Pastels are an unlikely category to bring into this mix, but I felt obliged to compliment the warm temperature and give myself a tease of what’s to come in spring.

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