Anniversary weekend at Spa Scandinave Mont Tremblant with Ford Canada

Anniversary weekend at Spa Scandinave Mont Tremblant with Ford Canada

This weekend, we celebrated our 7th anniversary! We went on a winter adventure in Mont Tremblant, and our weekend included a spa day, fine French cuisine, a horse-drawn sleigh ride and getting a little lost in the woods. Luckily, we had a Ford Explorer on loan for the weekend, which made the journey all the more comfortable! Daniel picked up the vehicle in Toronto and drove over to Ottawa so we could start our trip together to Mont-Tremblant.

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I’m wearing a pink ruffle blouse from Banana Republic, a black faux fur vest, blue skinny jeans, boots from Vince Camuto and a Mackage Mini Rubie bag.

Spa Scandinave Mont-Tremblant

Spa Scandinave Mont Tremblant review

We started our adventure with a couples’ massage at Spa Scandinave Mont Tremblant. It was incredibly relaxing, and a special treat. Daniel has never had a massage before, so it was really nice to be pampered and share the experience. We also really enjoyed the spa area. I loved how there was complimentary tea and fruit available, and everyone obeyed by the silence rules. At Spa Scandinave Mont Tremblant, it’s advised to do the baths cycle, where you start with a hot sauna, plunge into a cold pool and then relax in a hot tub or reading room. At Spa Scandinave, they even had an option where you could dip into the 2C river! I wasn’t that brave… I really liked how serene it was, and that it wasn’t full of people. Right before we left we snuck some photos by the river, as it was the perfect natural backdrop.

Where to Eat and Stay in Mont Tremblant


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After the spa, we were pretty hungry, so we checked in to our hotel,  Le Sommet des Neiges, which was right in the heart of Mont Tremblant Village. The hotel was a short 10 minute drive from Spa Scandinave Mont Tremblant. The hotel was super cute and had a great view of the slopes and the village.


By this time, we were so hungry so we headed out in our Explorer and went to Restaurant Le Cheval de Jade for dinner. I did not know what to expect (we literally picked the restaurant based on Trip Advisor), but we were blown away by the service and food. We shared a cheese plate to start, which featured local Québec cheese. We then shared a horseshoe cut of pork, which came with these incredible deep fried mashed potato balls. If I would go back, I would definitely try one of the fish or seafood dishes, as the chef comes from the South of France and is known for these specialties.

On our drive back, we took a bit of a long way. Luckily we had GPS right in the dash of the Ford Explorer to help us find the way. However, it was fun looking at all the stunning modern chalets. It felt incredibly luxurious and I kept trying to peek in to the big glass windows to see the interior decor. We made it back to our hotel to rest after a long day!

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I’m wearing a ruffle sleeve blouse from SheIn, high-waisted jeans from American Eagle, a faux fur pink coat, boots by Vince Camuto, and a vegan leather purse from Winners (similar bag by Sophie Hulme here).

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In the morning we explored the Mont Tremblant village, in search of some food to eat. Of course, a trip to Québec wouldn’t be complete without poutine, and we had some eggs benedict breakfast poutine. With full bellies, it was time to pack up and head back to Ottawa. I was a little sad we couldn’t ski, but it was already 6 degrees and climbing, and I’m not a strong enough skiier to ski in slushy snow! I also didn’t want to spend the day falling after the relaxing massage treatment, so we opted to head back instead.

Cabane à Sucre Chez Ti-Mousse


On our way back to Ottawa, we decided to stop at a traditional Cabane à Sucre to have some maple syrup and see the sugar bush. We were looking for a location along our way home, and couldn’t believe we found one that has the same name as our cat Mousse! Obviously it was a sign… we input the address into the SUV’s GPS and we were off! I drove back this time, and I really enjoyed driving the vehicle. I normally drive a small sedan, so it was fun being up high! The vehicle had great handling along the windy mountain roads, and was very quiet and comfortable on the highway. I also liked that it had Sirius satellite radio… we listened to a 1970s countdown which was a fun break from Top 40s.

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We couldn’t believe how busy Chez Ti-Mousse was! It was a Sunday in April after all… there was a 1.5 hour wait for a traditional lumberjack meal (consisting of ham, pancakes and… maple syrup of course!), so we opted to explore the grounds instead. We got tickets for a horse-drawn sled to tour the sugar bush and see how the maple syrup is collected into buckets. It was only $4 and was so much fun! The horses were beautiful and the tour even stopped for a few minutes so you could take pictures and stop to taste the sweet water directly from the buckets. Daniel went hunting for the sweetest bucket and it was really interesting to taste the differences between trees!

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Of course, we couldn’t leave without having “tire sur la neige.” Basically, warm maple syrup is poured over snow, and you pick it up with a popsicle stick and eat it like a lollipop. It was absolutely delicious! We also bought a bottle of “Mousse Maple syrup” and I took a picture with the sign.

#winterescape with Ford Explorer

anniversary weekend ford canada (25 of 25)

The Ford Explorer was the perfect vehicle for our trip to Mont Tremblant this weekend. It had tons of space (could have easily fit all our ski gear), and seating for 8 people. I loved how with the touch of a button, you could fold the seats down or close the trunk! The Sync option for connecting our phones was also helpful. We were able to listen to playlists and the system input our Google and Apple maps directions like a breeze!

I also really enjoyed the LED lighting, seat warmers (my next car MUST have these) and the moon roof. On my Sunday drive back to Ottawa, it was enjoyable to have the sunshine come in throughout the entire car. It was the perfect companion for our winter escape, and helped us make many lasting memories to celebrate our anniversary!

Thank you to Ford Canada for making this incredible weekend possible! 



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