YSL Arty Ovale Obsession

I have been obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent’s Arty Ovale ring ($250) for ages.  I have nearly purchased it at least ten times.  But every time I’m about to enter my billing info, I back away from it, dissuaded by the hefty pricetag and uncertainty.  I’ve always had a hard time buying high-end stuff without trying it on.

Luckily, The Blonde Salad has come to the rescue, finally offering her readers with more affordable alternatives to luxury. In one of her recent posts, she was spotted wearing Chains of Love’s version of the ring, and I have to say… I’m impressed!

For a fraction of the real price (only $30), I think this a great way to try out the style before I commit an investment to a piece of costume jewellery.

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