Winter’s Bone

Winter’s Bone

I’m fed up with winter. It’s the last day of February, and there are no signs of mother nature slowing down. This morning, I woke up early, I need to remember to close my blinds because the fresh blanket of white snow blinded me at 7 a.m. Then the hum of snowblowers, and the scratching noise of shovels made slumber impossible. The sound of shovels hitting and scraping pavement is beginning to sound like nails on a chalkboard. After lugging my cranky self out of bed, my jaw dropped in awe of the beauty outside. Every single branch was delicately covered in a layer of fresh snow.

winter in toronto

Sadly, the magical frosting did not last long, with mild temperatures melting away the cruel winter beauty that was bestowed upon us this morning. I managed to snap the picture above just before everything melted and turned into wet, sloppy slush.

winter outfit fur vest

This look is inspired by the miserable end of winter. I wanted to pick up on the dim hues and textures of this time of year. I’m wearing a mongolian fur vest from Topshop, a slouchy grey shirt c/o Nowistyle, A green chiffon skirt from Bedo, green military booties from Sterling, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs groovee satchel in pale blue.

winter outfit skirt fur vest green booties

You can see the mess of winter pooling at my feet. I opted to wear wellies after I took these pictures instead. I am in love with my mongolian sheep fur vest. I picked it up when Jonathan + Olivia stopped carrying Topshop for a steal, and it is a great layering piece for adding drama. The soft beige colour is dramatic, and the texture reminds me of fluffy new snow. My grey shirt, a gift from Nowistyle, the Japanese fast fashion online retailer is casual, and needs structured pieces (like my vest) layered on top to not get lost in the oversized fabric. The grey colour represented the slush that Toronto is drowning in right now.

mongolian fur ear wrap

In my ear, I am wearing an earring wrap. I love the organic vine detail, and how it emulates the waves of my hair on the other side. I was inspired to do this hairstyle after seeing Chiara Ferragni’s post on the Blonde Salad. I loved how she emulated the “half shaved look” by simply doing a deep part, and slicking back the opposite side. It’s a more edgy look than I’m used too, but it was fun and best of all, not permanent. To create my waves, I went to sleep with a high bun, and added Osis texturizing dry shampoo for volume.

marc by marc jacobs groovee purse

I’m also wearing my good old Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel. The faded blue colour represents the hazy skies in wintertime.

mongolian fur vest and skirtOverall, I wanted to experiment with different silhouettes, and create a monochromatic colour palette using cool hues… tomorrow, I’m going to dress in yellow to beat these winter blues!

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