Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear

Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear

Every little girl dreams of wearing a tutu. And I am determined to make that dream come true. My brainchild, Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear, would collect gently used and new dancewear, then donate it to children with a desire to pursue dance. I am so excited to share the news that I am one of the six finalists in the Start Something with Alesse contest. You can check out my project here  or read more below, and please vote for my project once  a day.


Above is a photo of myself in a ballet outfit at four years old (left) and six (right). I’ve always been so fortunate and grateful to have parents that supported my dance ambitions financially. Over the years, I know that the cost of costumes, pointe shoes and $20-a-pair tights run up. But by easing the financial burden of dance classes, I hope that Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear will make them more accessible by providing physical donations to children and parents hoping to pursue dance education.

I plan on starting Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear in the Greater Toronto Area, where I have trained in various ballet schools for over 17 years. But I hope that Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear will grow up to perform a grand jeté across the country, helping schools and small community dance programs, because my dream is for everyone to experience the joy of dance. Children grow out of ballet slippers and leotards so quickly, and I would like to bridge that gap and extend the opportunity by setting up Tutus for Tots: Donated Dancewear– so that no one has to dance in their socks anymore.

Please vote for my project once a day… to help realize my dream and help children experience the benefits of a dance education.

The views expressed here are my own and not those of sponsor of the Start Something With Alesse contest.

Les opinions exprimées ici sont les miennes et ne reflètent pas celles du commanditaire du concours Alesse, ça commence ici! 



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