The Sweet Spot Candy Floss

The CNE is always bittersweet. From cronuts that make people sick to fun rides that cost too much, it’s fun but sometimes a let down. For me, I’m always sad when the EX rolls into town, signalling the end of summer. I always end up drowning my summer sorrows in a stick of candy floss, which was the inspiration for this look.

cotton candy girl

I’m wearing a light pink cotton dress, Mickey Mouse Keds sneakers (similar here), frilly socks and my Rebecca Minkoff Collin Camera Bag.

the sweet spot cotton candy carousel and cotton floss carnival cne cotton candy dress

I wanted to emulate the pastel colours and the childhood whimsy of the fairgrounds. This dress is a perfect frock for a tea party or midway date, and matched my light pink sugar to a tee. My blue bag picks up on the candy floss theme, while being a practical way to store my camera in between rides, shopping and stuffing my face at the Food Building. (My sister and I escaped the ill-fate of the cronut burger by a hair!)

cne ferris wheel candy floss

I wanted comfortable yet cute footwear, so I paired my Mickey Mouse Keds with a pair of frilly socks to stay comfy and practical… you never know when a stroller full of children can run over your feet.

cne sand sculpture 2013Some of my highlights at the EX included the Superdogs, the Arts & Crafts Building and seeing the sand sculptors create their fragile masterpieces.

cne midway at nightOf course, nothing beats the electricity and excitement of the midway at night.

cne ferris wheel at night