Sunnybrook Stables

If I could picture a perfect fall day, today would be it!  On my lunchbreak, I decided to go to Sunnybrook Stables, a riding school in the heart of Toronto.

It was a beautiful day in November with clear skies, and warm temperatures, so I decided to wear a cape instead of a wool topper.  I love the tweed texture and rustic toggles on this cape.  Underneath I wore a sheer chiffon blouse, and skinny grey pants.

Ironically, I was wearing saddle shoes… I’ve always loved horses, but my father has something against them, and never let me take lessons.  As a kid, I grew up watching My Little Pony (MLP), and I’m loving the resurgence in popularity now with MLP.  I gasped in excitement when I saw that the ring had a mini Shetland pony!

I fell in love with the sweet ponies that would come right up to the fence to take pictures.

This horse was especially photogenic and wanted to take pictures with all the visitors.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  The stable made it feel like I was up north, even though it’s located at Leslie and Eglinton, ten minutes from downtown and five minutes away from the DVP.  I love discovering nature in the city, and along with High Park, this area is beautiful in the fall.  Maybe I’ll sign up for some riding lessons in the spring to get some use out of my riding boot collection!

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  1. Lauren Gibson
    November 3, 2011 / 11:58 am

    I am absolutely in love with your cape! It has been my goal of the season to find a great affordable one. You look so beautiful with the gorgeous horses! A cape is the perfect piece to ode to a simpler, more magical time when people only rode horses through forrests like that of Sunnybrook, instead of now where I like many others only rollerblade, bike or drive past quickly without taking time to admire the magnificent stables and scenery. Amazing photos! You, your outfit, the horses and the autumn background are flawless!

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