Stylist Box Preview

Stylist Box is a new showroom that connects established and emerging Canadian designers with stylists. The showroom is located in the trendy Dundas West neighbourhood and was founded by Gail McInnes and Christian Dare as a platform to unite talent with stylists working with celebrities, commercial and editorial shoots. I got a sneak peek at the fall collections at the showroom, which included designers like Lucian Matis, Skinny Sweats, Masha and Moose & Beaver.

stylist box gail mcinnes


You can check out the showroom in the video below:

It was so tempting to play dress up, here are some of my favourite items from the collection.

moose and beaver masha dress camel sequin jacket

Hilary MacMillan‘s collection excited me the most. Blending structured pieces with girly details (like sequins), the outerwear was elegant with a dazzling twist! There’s a red coat in the mix that has my name on it!heart back dress cloud leggings lucian matis lm dressLucian Matis’ Spring and Fall 2013 collections were both imaginative and high fashion.

skinny sweats lazy is as lazy doesntI also fell in love with these tongue in cheek sweatshirts from Skinny Sweats.

stylist box necklaces necklaces… and how stunning are these statement necklaces from Laborde Designs?

It’s exciting to see so much homegrown talent in one room, I’m also excited to see some of these pieces on the red carpet and in the pages of magazines soon too… maybe a couple will make it into my closet too.