New Year’s Resolutions – 2012 – a year later

New Year’s Resolutions – 2012 – a year later

Every year, I make ten resolutions to work on in the new year. I like to stay faithful to my goals… and I always enjoy looking back a year later. Here’s an update on my 2012 goals, with annotations in italics.

Here are my resolutions for 2012.  In less than three weeks, I’m off on a big adventure across the pond, and I’m excited to see what 2012 has in store.  All of these resolutions were made so that I could be a better person, grow and help others… while still wearing a pair of 4 inch stilettos.  I hope that in the coming year, this blog will continue to grow and I can’t wait to share everything [stylish] happening in my life with you.

1. Visit five new countries

Not only did I visit five new countries… I visited nine. Trekking around Europe from living in the Netherlands, visiting Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, the Vatican and Italy twice… it was incredible. unforgettable. depressing because I’m no longer there.

2. Learn to cook

Surprise surprise. The undomestic herself learned to cook for herself. I make a mean green curry! Living on my own for the first time in Utrecht, I made sure to cook everyday – and never once succumbed to a microwaved dinner.

3. Dedicate myself to blogging (even more than I am now…)

I set some goals for myself with my blog, and while I’m still working on the short and long term objectives, I believe that this year, I took this blog a lot further. From documenting my travels in Europe, to bringing cutting-edge streetstyle and fashion show coverage straight from Amsterdam Fashion Week, my blog has grown from its Toronto roots.

4. Intern at a TV station

I finally had this opportunity when I interned at CTV Canada AM in Toronto. It was an amazing experience, and I learned more in six short weeks than I have in the past few years of my degree! I had an amazing time pre-interviewing show guests, even writing suggested questions for stars like Liam Neeson and Taylor Swift! It sounds glamourous, it wasn’t really… but it was always interesting.

5. Make more of my own clothes

I embraced this full-heartedly. While I’m still waiting for my mom to bust out the new Janome sewing machine that sits idly SOMEWHERE in my basement (to those of you who know about the black abyss that is my basement, you’ll understand), I started adding DIY customized touches to my clothes… and transforming old rags into new, trendy pieces. Keep your eye on the blog for a new post to come soon!

6. Draw more & Read more

While I haven’t indulged much in the latter, except for a recent project I’m working on… I definitely hit the books this year. From reading a massive art history textbook – that to be truthful, I read be-grudgingly for an art history course, I am a better human being and fashion enthusiast because of it. I also re-read some amazing books like the Great Gatsby and some Oscar Wilde fairy tales my boyfriend’s helped me rediscover. In between all the heavy stuff have been beach reads, editorials and other blogs – because information is all around us, and I always find I can grow by dedicating a portion of my day to exploring.

7. Continue to develop my skills as an actor

Yet again, I took another on-camera acting class and grew so much out of it. My biggest accomplishments this Fall were my internship… and my new demo reel, which I hope can help me achieve one of my 2013 goals.

8. Make new friends and stay in touch with the ones I love, even when I’m away

This is the most happy resolution I made. On my study abroad trip, I made a new best friend, a backpacking crew – the most interesting bunch of people to discover Central Europe and go home from a bar in Budapest at 4 a.m. or get stuck on a train for seven hours with. To my spacebox neighbours – the sweetest, most genuine people around. I still say ‘no worries’ thanks to an Aussie that lived across the hallway. And all the people stuck in that awful, farce of a program called ECEJ…the people I met at parties at Parnassos, Beneluxlaan or even… dare I say it… Poema… the people I met travelling and of course… all the people that stopped by for a slice of Dutch life. I love you. I miss you, and I hope we can all meet again soon.

9. Buy shoes with red soles or a quilted bag with a chain.

Surprise! I broke a resolution. I’m ok with it… and I’m grateful my attitude has changed. Now if I have an extra $700, I wouldn’t dream of spending it on shoes… but a plane ticket back to Europe? Inevitable.

10. Volunteer or work for a charity

This is one of the most exciting resolutions… I’m happy to share that I am in the process of starting my own charity and have the most exciting project kicking off in the new year so stay tuned!

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