Natural stress remedies for students ft. Saje Natural Wellness

Natural stress remedies for students ft. Saje Natural Wellness

Stress is an issue everyone deals with, but often, people don’t talk about managing it. While a doctor can tell us to exercise, eat right and get sleep, sometimes deadlines, health issues and family emergencies can throw everything off track. After nearly three years in law school, I’ve had my fair share of stressful nights, even weeks. I wanted to share my favourite natural stress remedies, specifically for students.

Over the past couple years, I have discovered the power of aromatherapy. I will preface this with the disclosure that I do not suffer from anxiety, nor prolonged bouts of stress. However, with tight deadlines and 100% exams, stress can get the better of anyone!

Instead of self-medicating with vices, I started to do some research and tried out essential oils. My starting point was Saje’s Remedy Bar for rest and relaxation. I often dealt with headaches, and peppermint halo is now my go to for tension, stress and sinus-related headaches. I actually use this if I’ve had a little too much to drink and I can wake up headache free!

Natural Stress Remedies: Saje Pocket Pharmacy
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Since then, I tested out the Pocket Pharmacy kit. If you’re curious about aromatherapy, this kit is the perfect for natural stress remedies. Inside, are five convenient roller balls for a variety of different issues.

The Stress Release roller ball is one of my go-to natural stress remedies. If I have an exam or moot presentation, I roll some on the back of my neck, and I feel less jittery. Ditto for job interviews! I’ve started using this on airplanes as well, and it’s a wonderful alternative to Gravol, as it doesn’t make you groggy.

Pain Release is great for students, especially if your neck or wrists cramp up from typing. I roll some on my neck, shoulders and wrists. For illness, immune is a great product to protect you from getting sick during exam season. I put some on my neck, especially when I’ve been in a crowded area or am flying home. The eater’s digest roller ball is good for tummy troubles, and I usually draw a circle around my belly button to quell any stomach pain. This also works well if you get stress-related stomach troubles. Lastly, the kit also comes equipped with my favourite, Peppermint Halo.

I love that the pouch is convenient, and made of recyclable materials. I always toss it into my travel bag, and have bought my mom and sister a set as well!

Natural Stress remedies: Diffuser Oils

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I’ve been using an ultrasonic diffuser for a while. I usually place it on my desk and place a lavender oil inside for a natural stress relief and relaxation remedy. I was really excited to try Saje’s Brainstorm Diffuser Blend Collection. The collection features four blends of essential oils including Energy Boost, Exhale, Quick Study and Refresh. My personal favourite for stress relief is exhale. It is calming without being too sleep-inducing! I also really like refresh when I’m getting ready and studying. The combination of spearmint, lavender and lemon is really unique.

Saje natural wellness diffuser (1 of 3) Saje natural wellness diffuser (2 of 3)

I also had the chance to test out a Saje Aromaom Ultrasonic Diffuser. I’ve had cheaper, flimsy diffusers in the past, and I love how quiet and consistent this diffuser is! It never makes bubbling or loud gurgling sounds, so it’s great to have on my desk while I do my readings.

If you haven’t tried aromatherapy products, I would definitely recommend Saje products as great natural stress remedies. I like that their blends and roller balls are convenient and target specific ailments, so you don’t need to do any guess work!

The products featured in this post were provided courtesy of Saje, buy my opinions completely my own!


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