My day at TIFF – Vox Lux Premiere

What I wore to the Vox Lux Premiere: Ted Baker blushing bouquet Bardot Dress, BCBG Darronx heels, Swarovski locket pendant and a vintage Chanel Diana bag.

Yesterday, I had such a fun day caught up in the whirlwind of TIFF. I had the chance to attend the Vox Lux Premiere, starring Natalie Portman and Jude Law. I also went to a beauty lounge with Shoppers Drug Mart to get dolled up before the Vox Lux Premiere, with all the latest in hair and makeup.

My experience at the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique TIFF lounge at the InterContinental hotel. Makeup by Stila Cosmetics, Hair by Phyto

My first stop was the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique Lounge at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Toronto. I visited the lounge last year as well! I love coming to this suite, the view is phenomenal, and I even saw photo shoots in the lobby and rubbing shoulders with the film industry in the elevator! During TIFF, it’s totally worth visiting the lobby bars of 5 star hotels to get in on the action.

At the Beauty Boutique #SDMBeauTIFFul lounge, I had my makeup done using Stila products. Of course, my beauty look wasn’t complete without my favourite Stila Product – the Magnificent Metals Glimmer and Glow liquid eye shadow in Rose Gold Retro. The makeup artist applied this thinly over a matte eyeshadow look for a subtle veil of glimmer. It matched perfectly with the futuristic sparkle I saw layer at the Vox Lux premiere!

I also got my hair done with Phyto. The hair artist did super quick curls with a 1″ curling iron and sprayed everything down with the Phytolaque Botanical Hairspray that smelled heavenly!

Vox Lux Premiere

I then ran over to catch the Vox Lux premiere at the Elgin Theatre. The director, Brady Corbet, introduced the film. It was a very unique film that almost felt like two films juxtaposed with one another. I’ll summarize my thoughts in a separate review soon!

Natalie Portman at the Vox Lux Premiere at TIFF

Jude Law at the Vox Lux Premiere at TIFF in Toronto

After the Vox Lux Premiere, we waited around to catch Jude Law and Natalie Portman exit the theatre! Jude Law was very friendly, signing autographs and chatting with the crowd. He was maybe 5 inches away from my face, and I regret not asking for a selfie! I got a bit caught up in the quick moment… but it was neat seeing a celebrity be gracious and charming with a crowd of people. Natalie Portman on the other hand… did not stop for even one photograph. She practically ran into her car and whizzed off. It’s a bit disappointing to see, but it was still fun waiting for them to come out. Jude Law will definitely be a highlight!

What I wore to the Vox Lux Premiere

What I wore to a TIFF Premiere: Ted Baker Blushing Bouquet Bardot navy floral dress, BCBG studded shoes, Chanel Diana Bag Natural curls and Stila Makeup Look

For the Vox Lux premiere, I wore a floral Blushing Bouquet Bardot Ted Baker dress, a Swarovski locket pendant, vintage Chanel Diana bag and BCBG Darronx Shoes from DSW Canada.

Shop the Look:

I wanted to pair a classic, elegant dress with some edgy shoes for a modern look. I love the dainty, off the shoulder neckline that has been favoured by Meghan Markle lately! It creates a beautiful line and works great with both updos and beachy waves. The crowd at TIFF is definitely a mixed bag and people DO dress up for premiere events.

Ted Baker Blushing Bouquet Bardot Dress, Chanel Diana Bag, BCBG studded pumps Ted Baker Blushing Bouquet Bardot Dress in navy, a perfect wedding guest outfit

Natural hair and makeup look for a TIFF film premiere

I was so excited to finally have an excuse to wear this stunning Ted Baker Blushing Bouquet Bardot dress. The neckline and photographic print on this dress is stunning and got me lots of compliments! I love that it’s formal enough for a wedding, but also translates into other events like this! Because of the dark navy colour, I can even wear this Ted Baker dress during the holidays with opaque black tights and booties. Also, how stunning is that exposed copper zipper? It’s a Ted Baker signature, and while functional, it adds some edge to this feminine dress!

I hope you enjoyed my little recap of my glamourous day at the Beauty Boutique beauty lounge and the Vox Lux Premiere. It was one of those days where I’m truly grateful to be a lifestyle blogger, and have these opportunities! If you live in Toronto, I strongly urge you to experience the magic of TIFF. I was happy to take my mom along for her first TIFF movie, and I think I may have gotten her hooked!


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  1. Ally Barrett
    September 8, 2018 / 1:56 pm

    I LOVE the outfit you’re wearing. It looks like you had such a great time, that must have been such a cool thing to experience!

    • Natalie Ast
      September 8, 2018 / 2:32 pm

      It was fun! TIFF is awesome, highly recommend to visit Toronto around this time πŸ™‚

  2. Amanda Yorton
    September 8, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    First of all, that dress is stunning on you! Secondly, it looks like you had a great time!

    • Natalie Ast
      September 8, 2018 / 2:32 pm

      it was so much fun! Thank you!

  3. Nicole Gilbert
    September 8, 2018 / 11:01 pm

    What a disappointment Natalie Portman turned out to be. It really is disappointing when you learn that someone you had a certain image of doesn’t live up to it.

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:03 pm

      totally agree with this! celebs are all human… and let’s just say, in person (and in contrast to charming Jude Law), her personality did not shine through.

  4. Jacquelyn N David
    September 9, 2018 / 3:55 pm

    What a super cool experience! The dress you wore is simple yet gorgeous! Sounds like a ton of fun.

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:04 pm

      thanks so much! Ted Baker is the best for perfect little dresses

  5. Jessica Lynn Martin
    September 9, 2018 / 4:51 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Your dress is beautiful and so are you! How cool you were that close to Jude Law! Beautiful pictures!

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:04 pm

      Thank you so much! It was so much fun seeing the celebs after the film, Jude Law was very gracious!

  6. Devyani Ray
    September 9, 2018 / 7:03 pm

    You look gorgeous!

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:04 pm

      Thanks so much!

  7. September 9, 2018 / 7:39 pm

    you look great, girl I love those heels. They look fabulous.

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:04 pm

      Aren’t the heels great? One of my fave pairs!

  8. David Elliott
    September 10, 2018 / 2:53 am

    You look absolutely stunning in the dress and your hair and makeup are definitely amazing. I’m glad you had such a fun time and you got to go with your mother. There are some amazing opportunities being a lifestyle blogger.

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:05 pm

      I am so so so grateful for all the opportunities I get. It’s the best side hustle in the world, combining all my creative loves, and meeting new people!

  9. September 10, 2018 / 11:22 am

    You are such a lucky girl to be so close to Jude Law! He is one of my favorite actors, I can’t wait to see his newest film. Your dress is stunning by the way!

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:05 pm

      VERY lucky! Regret not getting a selfie together. πŸ™

  10. Jeff Shibles
    September 10, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    Sounds like you had a great time

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:05 pm

      Thanks so much! We did πŸ™‚

  11. Debby Mitchell Burton
    September 10, 2018 / 1:00 pm

    This sounds like a fabulous dress but your outfit was stunning. You blended right in with the famous people because those shoes took your look to another level. Glad you had an experience of a lifetime.

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:05 pm

      Thank you the shoes are my favourite part!

  12. Swathi Iyer
    September 10, 2018 / 4:36 pm

    Your dress looks really beautiful, you look great too. Looks like you had great time also wonderful experience.

    • Natalie Ast
      September 10, 2018 / 6:06 pm

      THank you it really was!

  13. September 10, 2018 / 6:44 pm

    Wow super cute outfit and I love your shoes! Looks like it was such a glamorous day!

  14. Lo Sigrid
    September 11, 2018 / 10:18 am

    I love the first photo where you are swinging your dress. πŸ˜€ You look good! πŸ˜€

  15. September 11, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    Floral Ted Baker dress is gorgeous! Looks like you really had a nice and glamorous day. And you looked beautiful.

  16. Becca Wilson
    September 12, 2018 / 2:24 am

    Your outfit that you wore is so very cute! This looks like it was such a great time.

  17. September 12, 2018 / 11:50 pm

    Your dress is gorgeous, I love it! What a great opportunity to get dressed up and see a great film!

  18. September 13, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    What a lovely dress. Loooved it and the shoes.. well, the entire outfit! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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