Kitschy white christmas tree

Kitschy white christmas tree

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is decorating the tree. I’m usually away for December 25th, and because my family celebrates Russian Orthodox easter on January 7th, decorating usually happens right after boxing day. This always meant discounted ornaments, and sometimes if we were really busy, discounted trees. But a couple years ago, my mother surprised me with my very own tree, that I finally get to decorate and enjoy all December long. This six foot tall white pre-lit tree was inexpensive, but I love the cheerful white and how colourful ornaments stand out. Here’s how I decorate my kitschy white christmas tree:

white christmas tree decorating

First, I wrap the tree in some pretty wire ribbon. I got this one from Michaels, and it has a white background with glitter polkadots!

white christmas tree garland white christmas tree step 2

Next, I wrap the tree in bead garlands. I usually use about 3-4 strands for this short tree, but a bigger one might use up 5-6.

white christmas tree

Afterwards, I start layering the ornaments. I bought this colourful retro set on sale at Canadian Tire, and I start by putting the larger glittery ones in the back to fill up any holes. Because the tree is inexpensive, there are many gaps that need to be filled. Next, I hang larger ornaments to plug up any holes.

blue glitter christmas tree ornament

My favourite touch are the mini ball ornaments that I put on the very tips of the tree branches. I find this layering technique helps fill out the tree and helps keep everything balanced.

cat proof christmas tree vintage cat christmas ornament

For a finishing touch, I add in a couple glass ornaments that fit in with the colour scheme. I have four cats, so I use silver or white twist ties to secure all precious ornaments. I also use regular white twist ties to affix most of the plastic ornaments too. You can literally shake the tree and nothing will fall out! I find you can control exactly where things are on the tree, but you don’t have that “hanging” effect. I also skip a tree skirt and make sure the branches are lifted up directly from the ground. I also never hang ornaments or garlands low on the tree, to not attract Coco and Mousse!

how to decorate white christmas tree

For a tree topper, I usually use a star or big glittery bow to go with the kitschy white christmas tree. Next year, I want to do a monochromatic theme with all black, white and gold ornaments for a more refined look. For now, I’m enjoying my kitschy white christmas tree in all its nostalgic glory!


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  1. December 23, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    Gorgeous tree!! My tree is also white. We did a red, white, and black theme on it this year, and it’s the best one yet! 🙂

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