Jardin Botanique

Jardin Botanique

On my last day in Montreal, I spent most of the day outside in the sun, sniffing flowers in the Montreal Botanical Garden.

I loved the landscaped theme gardens, especially the Japanese (with an amazing collection of bonsai trees), the water lilies in the Chinese garden and some of the more contemporary landscapes. I’ve always been a big fan of flowers, so it was a real treat to visit a park that had so much variety. I’m wearing a mullet dress (or analogous hem… whatever your preference) that was sent to me in a European care package from my mother, my trusty Massimo Dutti satchel, Minimal Baroque shades by Prada and comfy flip flops (no Birks or sneaks for me!) It was so hot, so it was a relief to keep things simple and wear a strapless breezy dress.

My favourite part of the visit was the insectarium, which was full of creepy crawlies, including a few tarantulas that brought out my arachnophobic side. Of course, there were beautiful butterflies, colourful beetles and funny-looking stick bugs. I’m no entomologist, but it was fun observing the insects.

I fell in love with the landscape at the Chinese garden, which seemed a bit Disney-esque, but still so beautiful. The turquoise waters, mauve water lilies and ornate red grillwork created a stunning aesthetic in the park… which is only steps away from Olympic Park.

There you have it… One of the reasons Montreal went broke a few decades ago. I’m not too impressed with this dated structure, but I guess it was cool back in the day.

In a complete departure from that architecture, we soaked in the sights of the Vieux Port in Old Montreal.

Sitting outside on the steps of Notre Dame de Montreal. Such a perfect place to people watch and spend a sunny afternoon. I can’t wait to go back and take a peek inside the stunning gothic revival cathedral.



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