IKEA Patio Furniture Review – My Balcony Makeover

Since the world changed this year, a big focus has been on making my home feel like more of a home. One space that I was dying to makeover was the western portion of my large condo balcony. Today I’m sharing an IKEA Patio Furniture Review as well as some tips on how to makeover your balcony space. The items in this post were gifted, but my opinions are all my own.

IKEA Sollerön Patio Furniture Review

An IKEA Patio Furniture review wouldn't be complete without an overview of the new IKEA Sollerön series: a modular system that you can customize for your space! This Dark Gray Sollerön 2-seat sofa is perfect for small condo balconies, has hidden storage and is customizable if you move somewhere new!

One aspect that was missing from my balcony setup was definitely a place to lounge. I was looking all over for sofa and loveseat options that had 3 qualities: 1. a slim profile as I only had a 4 foot wide space; 2. storage built in; 3. options to expand if I move later on. The IKEA Sollerön series ticked all these boxes and also comes at a VERY affordable price! I couldn’t believe how expensive competitors were (over $1,500 at times for a loveseat, not a sectional!) and this loveseat combination comes in at around $500.

My IKEA Sollerön Patio Furniture review is simple: get it. You will not regret it! The pieces are sold seperately as chairs, arms, corner pieces, ottomans and cushions, so you can completely customize your setup! For now, we opted for a two-seater loveseat in dark grey rattan with Duvholmen dark gray cushions, the product is specifically called the Sollerön 2-seat modular sofa. The loveseat was very easy to assemble and only had a few parts. I would expect about 45 minutes to an hour to put together the loveseat configuration, even faster with a small drill (PS we use this compact battery-operated drill). When we eventually move to a larger space, I would definitely purchase another chair component and even an ottoman to make a sectional, or perhaps a “U” shaped configuration to fit around a firepit. I love that the IKEA Sollerön collection can grow with a young family and you can customize it hundreds of ways.

As for storage, I love that the pieces contain a deep storage space in the seat. I tuck away the back cushions and throw pillows every night and when I’m not using it, so they don’t fly away, 30+ storeys above the ground. This will also make it easier to store and winterproof, since I can keep the cushions inside.

When it comes to comfort, the IKEA Sollerön series is surprisingly plush for its slim profile. While the seats are not as deep, the cushions are very soft and I find that the loveseat is still large enough for one person to doze off while scrolling on Pinterest! A couple of times now, Daniel has fallen asleep out on the balcony while I’m out running errands.

The IKEA Sollerön series comes in both grey and brown, which is a natural rattan and very boho. For our industrial balcony with metal railings, the grey blends in so beautifully, and I’m so happy we went with the dark grey cushions as they are great dirt and dust hiders, living above a massive construction site at Yonge and Eglinton!

IKEA Mällsten Decking Review

The IKEA Mällsten decking is a must have to personalize your apartment balcony. The Mallsten decking is super easy to install and is made of real porcelain tiles! It feels like I'm in Morocco or Lisbon!

I’ve been wanting to cover my concrete balcony with cute decking for as long as I can remember. I was so inspired by my last trip to Mexico where the suite balconies had beautiful printed tiles. I was even looking into my condo’s by-laws on whether I would be allowed to do my own tile job. Well, IKEA solved all my problems with their interchangeable, interlocking Mällsten Decking system. While you may have seen IKEA’s other decking options (including the wood and grass variations), this year they came out with incredible porcelain tiles in not one but TWO colourways. We opted for the blue and white colourway and it is so stunning.

I love that you create your own patterns with the tiles by matching up like patterns or going randomly. The porcelain tiles fit into interlocking plastic frames – so you can mix them in with faux grass patches too if you please! I love the customizability, and that you can pick up the tiles and take them with you, which makes them very renter friendly.

So far, the IKEA Mallsten tiles have been easy to clean with a broom, and I find they are very warm on your feet, which is a nice contrast to the industrial concrete. As for dimensions, each tile unit (with the frame included) is about 1 square foot, so this option will work best if your balcony has an even dimension. My balcony in this area is exactly 4 feet wide, so I was able to perfectly fit 4 IKEA Mällsten tiles across for a seamless, professional look.

The IKEA Mallsten decking really pulled the entire space together and added a real WOW factor to my balcony. I think this is a great option for any condo balcony, and if you are looking to list a rental or real estate property, this will make your outdoor space stand out for sure!

IKEA Patio Furniture & Accessories

The IKEA Tärnö Bistro Set is a classic cheap and chic option for small spaces. I love that it folds up and makes for the perfect dining area on my balcony.

I partnered with IKEA Canada to share their Staycation Kits – which came packed with some adorable accessories to help make your outdoor space feel like a home. The Tärnö bistro set is a great deal and perfect for high-rise balcony dining. At only $59.99, you can’t beat the price, and I love that it folds up so I can store it in my condo storage locker. It’s been wonderful being able to eat meals outdoors with our magnificent view. I also ADORE the Krokholmen metal coffee table, which is incredibly sturdy and the mesh discourages any water from pooling. I plan on picking up a couple more of these tables for $49.99 for my cottage as well.

IKEA Patio Furniture Review - the best products for making your balcony a chic outdoor space. The Krokholmen metal coffee table from IKEA is very practical, sturdy and perfect for entertaining. IKEA Patio Furniture review: the SOMMAR 2020 collection of pillows and accessories is so cute, and I adore the Solleron series sofa which is modular, has built-in storage and is super easy to assemble and customize!

IKEA’s new Sommar 2020 collection is adorable and comes in so many cute prints including a banana leaf, tropical flowers and this cute car print! I brought the Solblekt beach umbrella up to the cottage to enjoy on beach days, and love the fun print. PS it’s on sale now until August 26th for $30.99! I like that these adorable printed pillows, are reversible and I love how the car print even has a matching orange car ceramic figure.

IKEA also has some great lanterns, including some new Solvinden solar-powered ones! I hung these up in my cedars to add some visual interest, colour and light during cozy evenings.

5 Tips on How to Make over your Balcony

  1. Measure your space and create a floor plan so that you can ensure all your furniture fits and is to scale.
  2. Add some plants – cedar trees and lavender are great for surviving on windy balconies – pop these into simple cedar or concrete planters to act as natural screens to your neighbours. It’s also a great way to filter out smoke and noise from neighbours!
  3. Add some interest with flooring. While I love the IKEA Mallsten decking, an outdoor rug is a great budget-friendly option, while astroturf has a fun retro vibe.
  4. Don’t forget lighting! Some solar lanterns or plug in fairy lights will add to the vibe. If you have a deck/garden, solar path lights are also an inexpensive option.
  5. Add colour and prints to your space! I love prints that show off your personality and some great colour can add life to an industrial balcony.

IKEA Patio Furniture Review

Before & After - Small Space Condo Balcony Makeover ft. IKEA Patio Furniture, including the Solleron series sofa, Mallsten decking, Krokholmen coffee table, Tarno bistro set and more!

I have really been enjoying this outdoor space to relax in the afternoons, or even to do work on. While we’re all working from home for now, it’s a great idea to divert travel and entertainment budgets towards investments in the home you can enjoy all summer long. I am so impressed with the IKEA Sollerön series sofa and the Mällsten decking, that I will install these two items in any future balcony or outdoor setting. I love that I can take them with me too, add on and customize any space as well.

I am also thrilled at all the feedback I received on my collaboration with IKEA on Instagram, that I had to share this more in-depth post and IKEA Patio furniture review with you! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the items I featured, or if you want some help designing your space, you can message me on Instagram or leave a comment below!

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5 Tips for your Balcony Makeover: I'm sharing my design tips to help you transform your small outdoor space into a chic oasis in the sky! I'm also sharing in-depth reviews of the IKEA Solleron series outdoor sofas and the new tile Mallsten Decking. IKEA Patio Furniture Review & Makeover: check out how I gave my condo balcony a refresh with IKEA. I'm also sharing in-depth reviews of the IKEA Solleron series sofa, Mallsten tile decking from IKEA and all the cutest outdoor accessories to make your space an oasis in a concrete jungle.


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