How to make DIY Dolce & Gabbana flower sunglasses

How to make DIY Dolce & Gabbana flower sunglasses

I haven’t posted a DIY tutorial in a while, but lately, my creative juices have been flowing. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to get Dolce & Gabbana’s stunning 3D floral sunglasses for only a few bucks.

d and g sunnies

Step 1: Gather materials. You’ll need a pair of cheap sunglasses (mine are from Forever 21), a low-temp glue gun, scissors and 3D flowers. These can be expensive, but head to Michaels or the dollar store and search for a bracelet with flowers that can be used as applique. (Bonus! The leftover flowers are great for beading on other projects as well!.

Step 2: Cut the bracelet and select a few flower beads.

Step 3: Protect your area (I like to use a piece of vinyl so that the glue won’t stick to the counter or newspaper), and heat up the glue gun. Figure out where you’d like to place your flowers on the corners of your shades. Next, glue on the flower one by one, generously applying glue.

Step 4: Repeat with more flowers, building a cluster.

Step 5: Do the same on the other side, trying to be as symmetrical as possible.

Let them cool for a few minutes and make sure the beads are surrounded with glue. Voila! Your pair is ready to wear!

mint shirt lace and sunglasses mint lace shirtI’m wearing a mint lace crop top from Urban Planet, DIY Vintage Levi’s, and a jelly purse I bought at the CNE.

jelly lime purse diy sunnies inflatable flamingoMeet Florence the Flamingo, my favourite pooltime friend! This DIY is super easy, and revitalizes a boring pair of sunglasses you might have lying around. Next time, I want to look for different colours of flowers and do a cat-eye pair… or maybe an all-black pair which would be perfect for fall! (I’m not ready yet to say goodbye to summer though!)



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      thanks sara! both are so colourful and fun 🙂

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