How to make a vision board & My Goals for 2023

How to make a vision board to inspire your life and lead to success in 5 simple steps.

A new year is here, which means new goals, new intentions and (sometimes) a fresh page. I wanted to share how to make a vision board as well as some of my personal goals for 2023. I intend to keep these vision boards saved to my phone, along with a larger, master vision board of my entire year as a desktop screensaver so that these images continue to inspire.

How to make a vision board

  1. Gather inspirational photos
  2. Combine photos into a virtual or hard-copy collage to inspire you
  3. Set “present tense” positive actions that relate to the theme of your vision board
  4. Save your vision board somewhere you can always see it.
  5. Revisit the vision board periodically and reflect on how you are achieving your visualized life.

How to make a vision board step one: Gather Inspirational Photos

You can collect photos via Pinterest, Google, magazines or use your own photos. The main goal of this is to pull photographs that inspire a reaction. For example, if your goal is to travel to Japan, I would search Japan on Pinterest and save the images that feel awe-inspiring and transport you to the place you want to go. This connection will help inspire you and nudge you to take active, real steps to actualize the vision.

How to make a vision board step two: Combining photos

I personally like to use Canva because it’s so easy to copy and paste photos, create fonts and save the vision board onto all my devices. Photoshop, or a good old glue stick and bristol board will also do the trick. I also try to combine photos that create an overall aesthetic or mood, because I find that more motivating!

Step three: Set positive affirmations

Next, you want to come up with some goals or ideals that relate to the images on your board. Instead of writing “I want to travel” you should turn that into an affirmative, present tense such as “I am travelling to new destinations” or “I am exploring new countries and meeting new people” etc. Setting goals in the present can assist in making it feel as if you’re already working towards them, versus something you will attain at some point down the line. Remember it’s a journey, not a destination!

Step four: save your vision board where you can always see it

I have created one main vision board with all my inspiration and photos to use a desktop screensaver. I also created some micro, theme-specific vision boards for this blog post, which I intend to print out as little postcards to keep on my bulletin board and vanity mirror to remind me of my personal goals and provide the affirmation that I am on the right path. I will be honest, my main vision board is a tad private with some personal aspirations on it so I will keep that one for my desktop, while the mini ones serve as focused reminders, that also make cute, aesthetic decor. You can also frame these vision boards into nice picture frames and set them up in all areas (as appropriate) in your home.

Also, if you have a blog of your own, you can post them there like I am with this post as a public reminder and record! I also feel like this forces you to put out your goals into the universe, and they may come back to you.

Step five: Revisit and reflect on your goals

You should check in with your vision board every quarter and see whether those visualizations have come true. Even if it’s a superficial instagrammy photo that you took yourself in the end – you are actually seeing your dreams come to life. This can be incredibly motivating and push you to realize more visions on your board.

The main image for this blog post is actually a compilation of photos from 2022 that inspire me and remind me of all the wonderful moments from the year. Creating a post-mortem vision board will help remind you of all the wonderful moments, and it helped me be grateful for a challenging but fulfilling year.

My vision boards for 2023

I wanted to share my vision boards for 2023 as well as some insight into what I have planned, and what I will accomplish this year (see, I WILL accomplish, not try, not attempt, not hope.)

How to make a vision board: Tips for making travel-themed vision boards

As I shared in my list of the ten things I bought in 2022 and loved, travel was at the top of my list. I have 2 trips planned for Q1 2023 already, with another long-weekend trip in the works. I am taking active steps to prioritize exploring new destinations, getting inspired and spending quality time with my partner, friends and family.

I used to make excuses for not travelling including finances, work, school and not having anyone to go with. I am being vocal about where I want to go and reaching out to make things happen and I can’t wait to share these adventures on my blog and other platforms. These trips will inspire and motivate me to work harder to enjoy more of the world.

Style Vision Board for 2023 - Elegant, minimalist, workwear fashion

One of my biggest shifts in 2022 was editing my wardrobe and investing in quality pieces, including second-hand items. I am feeling confident in my clothes and they serve me and my lifestyle. I will admit that in 2021/2022 my personal body confidence suffered a bit, and I didn’t feel like “me” in my new body or clothing. I am finding inspiration from classic styles (with a colourful, feminine twist of course) and am ignoring trends and what other people are wearing. I am finding my style voice.

And to prove that vision boards work, I already picked up the perfect Max Mara camel coat (like the image in the top right corner) for an incredible deal! I am convinced I manifested the opportunity to own a wishlist item through this vision board process.

On that note, I am also sharing my style philosophy through my new venture, Virtual Stylist. I am already selling $5 capsule wardrobes to give you the tools to build a chic, colourful and timeless wardrobe at any budget. I am launching my personal styling business and finding clients to work with personally in 2023, and can’t wait to share more and shift my fashion background to a new audience.

I am also focusing my energy as a fashion blogger to promote local, sustainable and slow fashion brands. I am finding brands to work with that match my ethos as a consumer and fashion-lover, and know my audience wants this too.

How to make a vision board to inspire your life and lead to success in 2023

I am surrounding myself with good energy, friends, my family and pets.

I am spending time in nature, growing plants and nurturing my garden.

I am resting – I didn’t rest enough in 2022. I am focusing on finding moments to improve myself, my home and my relationships with my partner and myself.

I am creating – from blogs to art, to gardening and photography, I am doing what I love and spending all my free time to feed my creative soul. I am also learning, taking courses, researching and practicing my skills and expanding my knowledge on the hobbies I love and new crafts to keep me interested.

I am taking care of my body, and nurturing it with movement, food while taking time off to have a glass of wine.

Other themes I am achieving in 2023 include working on my professional capabilities, taking on new challenges and gaining independence to handle files on my own. I had a couple solo hearings in 2022, and am ready to take on more.

I am connecting with brands and opportunities to keep being inspired and pushing myself to find joy in creating content again. I am focusing on creating over optimizing for financial or algorithmic gain, because feeding my joy is worth the most.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store, and if you make your own vision board(s) please tag me @natalieast!

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