Hermès Grand Apparat

As I write this, I’m still coming off a high from snagging one of the most covetable pieces a woman could own in their closet; an Hermès silk scarf.

Courtesy of Beyond the Rack, this Grand Apparat scarf in gold and brown will add a dash of classic elegance to my fall wardrobe. I have always loved classic silk scarves, and as a child, I would admire the way my aunt’s silk scarf would be tossed so effortlessly and elegantly around her neck.  I am also fascinated by equine themes, so this is a perfect marriage of the two.

The Grand Apparat design was created by Jacques Eudel and this design incorporates all the classic equestrian elements synonymous with the Hermès brand.

I got the email from BTR this morning announcing the sale, I logged in swiftly and managed to put not one, but six Hermès, Ferragamo and Celine scarves in my bag. It was tempting to click “check out” and get all of these vintage prints, but on further inspection, I discovered that the most beautiful one marked “CELINE Grand Apparat Scarf” was actually an Hermès.  I was giddy at the prospect of being able to get an Hermès for $200 dollars less because of a technical error (the vintage Hermès scarves were going for $299), so after some debating and quick calculations on my shopping budget, I checked out. Not bad for my first “flash sale” purchase. I’m still shaking and I can’t wait for this to arrive in 2-3 weeks.

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