Clarins Multi-Active Review + a Spring Beauty look

Clarins Multi-Active Review + a Spring Beauty look

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend an event for the launch of Clarins Multi-Active. A skincare line geared to millenials, it was interesting to check out products targeted to 90s kids instead of people 40+.

Clarins Multi-Active Review

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I’m surprised that the Clarins Multi-Active day cream lacks SPF protection which, in all honesty, is the ONE element every under 40 skincare product needs. While of course, you could layer a sunscreen on top of it, most people my age want an all-in-one product to cut down time spent in the morning, and the effects on our wallets. What makes the Multi-Active line unique is the inclusion of teasel extract, a flower that has an antioxidant effect. Myrothamnus extract also targets the pressures millenials are under by smoothing fine lines and boosting collagen production — erasing those all-nighters prepping for a presentation! Hyaluronic acid is a must in any skin care product I use, which provides moisture and has anti-ageing properties. I think if this day cream had an SPF included as well, it would be perfect! I also wish it came in a pump dispenser, because I worry about bacteria and air spoiling the precious contents of the jar. The cream is very light, not heavy, making it a good makeup base as well.

Both the day and Multi-Active night cream have similar ingredients, and also contain and exclusive Clarins new-generation anti-pollution complex. I don’t know exactly what this means, or what the ingredients are that target pollution, but it’s a very interesting concept! Whenever I visit New York or Europe, I notice blackheads form more easily. Alternatively, when I spend time at my cottage with the fresh air and well water, I can see how my skin is more luminous and less inflamed.

Clarins Mission Perfection Serum review

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Another skin care product new to their line is the Clarins Mission Perfection Serum. This product is also geared towards millenials, but suitable for all skin types. It has a light fragrance (which might be a bit bothersome if you’re sensitive). The product contains Gingko biloba extract to promote circulation, with fruit acids to target hyperpigmentation. I have lots of red acne scars and found this product to smooth over them and give an illuminating effect which is great under light makeup. I liked the way it smoothed out my skin’s texture, but haven’t used it long enough to note whether my scars are indeed fading.

I think this is a good product to use in that its versatile for a lot of skin types, tones and ages, and it is a great base under mineral makeup which is what I usually wear on a day to day basis.

To go along with the serum, there’s also the Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution sunscreen. The product has SPF 50 which is a MUST for protecting fair skin, and layers very lightly and easily under makeup. Again, I don’t know how it protects against pollution, but SPF 50 will certainly protect your delicate skin from the sun’s rays! I personally like to layer my SPF, with a sunscreen of 30-50, a moisturizer containing at least SPF 15, then my mineral makeup also has SPF 25, which I reapply a couple times throughout the day. The combination of a chemical sunscreen with a mineral one is a great barrier, and is why my facial skin is so fair compared to my body!

Clarins Spring beauty look

Clarins also has some gorgeous items from their makeup line for spring. I haven’t previously had the chance to try their products, but I am in love with the gorgeous gold packaging, the pretty, flattering colours and the pigmentation and ease of use of the products.

Shop the beauty look:


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For my eyes, as a base I used the matte shadow in the Clarins Five-Colour Eye palette (second from left) to give my brow bone a natural definition. Then, I went in with the lighter Clarins Cream-to-Powder Iridescent Eyeshadow (I think the shade is called Ivory) and applied it with a flat brush all over my lid. I patted it on to really pack on that gorgeous sparkly pigment. I love that it’s a micro glitter so it gives a gorgeous shine that’s not too gritty. Next, I took the darker Clarins Cream-to-Powder Iridescent Eyeshadow shade (I think it’s called Plum) and packed it lightly into my crease. I loved how the colours blended together and made a soft, glittery neutral look. To get even more pigment out of these, I’d suggest using a wet brush or for a lighter look, use your finger and really massage it onto your lid.

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For cheeks, I gave myself a peachy pink glow with the new Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Compact in Peach. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a gorgeous peachy-tone pink that reminds me of my favourite Nars Orgasm blush, minus the sparkles! Perfect for daytime, I blended this cream blush onto the apples of my cheeks using my fingers in a circular motion. There’s a LOT of product in here for the $30 price tag and the packaging is just lovely. I can’t wait to use this along with my other cream highlighters and contour colours.

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For lips, I prepped them with the Clarins and then swiped on the Clarins Rouge Éclat lipstick in Pink Blossom. The lipstick is so juicy and moisturizing. It has a lovely scent and gives a nice bit of wet colour without the stickiness of a gloss.

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I had a lot of fun discovering the new Clarins line at their recent event, as well as meeting some other fellow fashion beauty bloggers. I’ll also make sure to update this blog post with the progress of the serum on my pigmentation, as well as any other thoughts on the products! I hope you enjoyed this Clarins Multi-Active review to give you some guidance and insight into the products. Before you buy, you can also ask for a sample of the products to make sure there are no reactions and you like the feel of the products with your makeup routine! Let me know in the comments below if you have a favourite spring beauty product.

Event photos courtesy of Clarins. Products were gifted, opinions my own.


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