Chanel Cruise Collection 2013

Chanel Cruise Collection 2013

Versailles. The stomping grounds of Kings, Queens and of course, couture. Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his 2013 Chanel Cruise collection yesterday, and it was a spectacle fit for the Royal Court.

There was no doubt some 18th Century inspiration. The frilly décolletage and tiered lace sleeves seem to echo Marie Antoinette… but the bottom seems to suggest a take on 18th Century menswear.

The collection was shaken up right before the presentation, and Lagerfeld injected some urban edge with denim, leather and casual silhouettes. This was done only a week after last week’s election in France, and to reflect the new left-wing government. Karl himself deemed it “Versailles in a socialist France.”

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Speaking of menswear…this all denim combo is a little much, but the buttons and lapels are a unique look. Cut off the tails, and this is a dapper casual jacket.

A beautiful dress falls victim to the creeper trend. It would look way prettier with a pair of brocade slippers, but I love the colours, textured fabric and ladylike shape.

This look is cotton candy cute, but once again, I can’t resist the jacket.

An inspiring take on historical fashion. Not everyone can pull off those hip-enhancing shorts, but maybe it’s a sign to suggest that curvy shapes will replace body con styles soon.

Waves of sea foam float gracefully on this dress. It echo’s Chanel’s marine-inspired Spring/Summer 2012 collection, but why mess with perfection?

My favourite look of the collection. I love the sheer peek-a-boo skirt, the straw fedora and high neckline. This periwinkle colour is my new favourite, and desperately needs to get in my wardrobe and on my nails!

A little bit of 90s flair. I’m more than sure I had pink jersey cargo pants like these in the third grade. Platform sneakers à la Spice Girls? Natch.

Rose and gold. Perfect. I’m also loving the gold brocade details on the bags. They definitely echo the decorations inside the Versailles Palace.

The luxurious gold theme continues…

The Royal Gardener… with a Chanel watering can, now even your flowers and garden shed can experience the luxury of the French fashion house.

Pastels and chiffons seem to be here to stay… I’m not complaining!

There were some dramatic elements to the collection, including this black coat.

This dress is fantastic. From its sculptural, origami folds to the floral print, echoing the brocade designs in Marie Antoinette’s bedchamber.

Of course… not everything was a hit. It looks like the closets of Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and Betsey Johnson were thrown into a blender, and the puree was turned into a fabric.

I like the understated (well, slightly less over-the-top) look of the white capris with a statement top. It’s translatable to a real woman’s wardrobe.

Royal blue embellishments and a peek of a petticoat beneath. Vive la France!

A gorgeous new silhouette. It updates the “mullet dress” with side panels to create a more demure sex appeal. I love the way the purple brocade is framed by two curtains of fabric. It’s so elegant, I would love to wear this en Provence!

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