Breaking up…

Breaking up…

In March, we are breaking up with winter to embrace a time of renew. Spring is a great excuse to say goodbye to winter coats, but also the things that have been holding you back.

One thing that’s been holding myself back is stress. Since I moved to Ottawa and started law school, my daily worries transformed into full-blown panic attacks, with the pressure of hundreds of pages of reading and 100% exams. This spring, I want to break up with stress.

Last semester, I tried to do it all. I had a lot on my plate, from studying full-time, managing my blog and maintaining a relationship and friendships back home in Toronto. I felt like I was stretched too thin. I also felt guilty that I wasn’t devoted 100% to school. When I neglected my blog for a week during finals, I felt guilty for putting my passion on the back burner.

I started to stay up past 2 a.m. every night studying, reading, and blogging… It’s amazing how stress and a lack of sleep can impact your life. I wasn’t exercising (no time!) and my acne issues reflected my lack of sleep and constant pressure. It’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance, and I was constantly penciling in power naps to make up for my four-hour sleep schedule at night.

In some ways, I feel like my bad habits and stress was like a bad relationship. I couldn’t get out of it, and I was being sucked into this cycle.

Now that I got through my first exam season, I realized that I could work hard and work smart, and sometimes this means that you just can’t read everything or know everything. This spring, I want to focus on school and kill the distractions. I’ve also made progress and go to bed every day before 1 a.m., even if that means I’m a little lost in class. I wake up in the morning to Snapchats from my friends, who were up until 4 a.m. working. Sometimes I feel guilty, but one thing I’ve learned from law school so far is to not compare yourself to others. I need to do what’s right for me.

break up and move

Whether that means breaking up with a toxic friendship, relationship, or junk food, we all have negative energy in our lives holding us back. For more stories about break ups and how to ditch that old habit, check out!

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