I’ve always been inspired by pictures from the 1940s of gorgeous, curvy women lounging poolside in their maillots de bain. This look was inspired by retro synchronized swimmers, like Esther Williams, and it was the perfect opportunity to showcase a floral bathing cap that’s a blast from the past.

My bathing suit is a vintage piece by Yves Saint Laurent.  It’s one of my most cherished items in my closet, and I’m lucky enough to own it in black! (Thank you, mama!)

I love the plunging neckline and silkscreened belt adorning the waist.

I thought that the vintage coke bottle completed the look. In Mexico, most soft drinks come in the original curvy bottle, and I love it! My sunglasses are the Minimal Baroques from Prada.  They are my absolute favourite pair.

I think it would be amazing if more people would lounge out in retro bathing suits, and maybe bring synchronized swimming into the mainstream again…