How to: 5 ways to tie a silk scarf

Silk scarves are an obsession for me. In fall, I layer them over blouses and dresses for a light layer, but in summertime, scarves are even more versatile. Here are my favourite 5 ways to tie a silk scarf. This scarf is a beautiful piece by Vancouver-based Daub + Design. The Bianca scarf is 100 per cent silk and is pre-washed so you can wear this to the beach and even throw it in the wash! Tie dye is a huge trend popping up this season, and I’m excited to wear this scarf poolside all summer long!

5 ways to tie a silk scarf:

#1: The casual drape.

how to tie a silk scarf draped

Start by folding the scarf in half to form a triangle. You can lay it flat, or just match up the corners. Wrap it around your neck and let it hang loose. This look has an undone vibe so it works great as a casual piece or with a beach coverup.

#2: The turban

how to tie a turban from a silk scarf

I think that turbans have a sophisticated, glamorous look, but the funky tie dye makes this look accessible. Start by folding the rectangle, then either roll or fold it across to get a 2″ thick piece. Wrap it around your head and cross over each end. Then, cross each piece over again to form the twist. Secure the ends tightly under your hair.

#3: The bolero

how to make a bolero from a silk scarf

When it suddenly gets chilly on a summer night, the bolero style will definitely be your friend! Start by folding the scarf into a triangle, or you can layer the corners a bit like I did to make the bolero wider. Next, drape the triangle around your shoulders and tuck the ends back behind your back, securing the knot. You can either have the knot on top of the triangle, or under.

#4: The loose knot

ways to tie a silk scarf

This style starts similarly as the bolero. Take the triangle and wrap it around your shoulders to give it that loose shape. With the scarf still taugh around your shoulders, tie it into a knot, then remove the scarf off your shoulders.

#5: The infinity scarf

how to tie an infinity scarf

This scarf look is easy to do, but very versatile. Perfect for bundling up in colder months or from protecting a sunburnt chest! Wrap the scarf around your neck and knot the very ends at the front. Take the knot and loop it around your neck, creating the infinity circle scarf shape. You can play around with how the loops fall, to make it look more undone.

I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial on 5 ways to tie a silk scarf in summer! You can check out more of Daub + Design’s fun pieces here.


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