100 Night Endy Mattress Review + Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

A good sleep is very important to me. There are lots of mattress options out there, but I am thrilled to bring you an Endy mattress review detailing my experience with the Canadian brand and some tips on a better night’s sleep! I received the mattress in consideration for this post, but all opinions below are my own.

Endy Mattress Review

The Endy Mattress is made locally in Canada, which is very important to me. Supporting a Canadian-owned business and local manufacture is a priority. Another aspect I loved about Endy was that they use local bike couriers in Toronto and Montreal to deliver mattresses! This eco-friendly approach is definitely appealing and scores many points in my Endy mattress review.

The Canadian Endy mattress comes shipped in a convenient box!

Setting up the mattress was easy, as it came shipped in a duffle bag-sized box. I moved the box into the room, on my own, opened up the plastic covering and watched the magic of the mattress unfold into its full shape. The whole process took under 5 minutes, and didn’t require any assistance from my boyfriend, or friends bribed with pizza either!

Endy Mattress Review

I think the convenience of a mattress-in-a-box like Endy is that you can set it up on your own, and is perfect for singles and students. Another aspect I liked about Endy was that the shipping was so fast, and we had the mattress waiting for us in the new apartment in Montreal. The convenience of skipping mattress shopping at a store, scheduling a delivery time, etc is a major highlight.

The Endy mattress is made of 10”  3-layer open air cell foam. As for the sleeping experience, I love that the mattress stays cool. I’ve had a foam mattress in the past, and found it uncomfortable on warm nights or under a duvet. I was able to sleep without having to readjust my temperature, which is a huge plus. The mattress is of medium firmness to me, and I think is most suitable for back sleepers.

The Endy mattress has a unique cover in a beautiful diamond pattern. What I love about this cover is that it is removable, so you can throw it in the wash. This is great for someone with pets (like us) or kids, to keep your mattress feeling fresh.

Endy Pillow Review

In addition to the Queen mattress, we also received The Endy Pillow. Filled with a bamboo charcoal memory foam to eliminate humidity and odours, these pillows are adjustable as well! You can remove the foam chips to adjust the firmness of your pillow, and the handy

pouch can double as a travel pillow filled with the extra foam. I love the Endy pillows in that they are an innovative product, and adjustable. These are perfect for fussy house guests, or would make a great gift for a newly-married couple or student.

Queen Endy Mattress - review on whether the bed is worth it, comfortable and easy to set up! The Endy Pillow is adjustable and made of charcoal bamboo foam for comfort.

Endy Sheets Review

The Endy Sheets were also sent to us, and I am IN LOVE. Right out of the package, they are luxurious, soft and satiny. With a couple washes, they have developed into beautiful, soft sheets. They don’t hold onto wrinkles and are a very affordable price point, at $160 for a queen sheet set made of 480-thread count sateen cotton. I love that putting the fitted sheet on the bed is simple – you match up the Endy logo on the sheets with the mattress.

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Endy Mattress Review

  1. Drink a cup of chamomile or herbal tea one hour before bed.
  2. Try to avoid social media, and turn the lights down before turning in.
  3. Use a combination of lavender, vetiver, orange and chamomile essential oils to wind down.
  4. Set your blinds on a timer or get a daylight clock so that you wake up along with the natural light and get in the habit of a natural sleep schedule.
  5. Have a bath or warm shower before bed, to raise your body temperature and ease your mind.

I’m impressed with the products from Endy and think they are of very good quality and value. Most of all, the convenience and that Endy is a Canadian-made and owned company are huge factors for supporting the brand. Also, you have a free 100-night trial, where you can test out the Endy mattress and make sure it’s right for you. Endy has partnered with numerous charities in Canada to donate returned mattresses, so there’s no buyer’s remorse!

If you’re interested in an Endy mattress, you can use code AST50 to save $50 off your very own mattress. Sweet dreams!

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