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One of my favourite rituals is grabbing a cup of coffee. I became a coffee lover during my law school days, and as my articling term goes on, that relationship grows fonder. In law school, my friends and I would take a break from studying to grab lattes or iced coffee at the local cafe. I remember my need for coffee even more so when I would pull an all-nighter.

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With only 400 sq. ft of space in my student apartment (which came with a murphy bed), a pour-over coffee system was my java delivery service of choice. Economical, space-saving and better for the environment, I loved how I could get a fresh, high-quality cup of coffee at home, in the early mornings before classes, or late at night while pulling together an exam summary. And today, I still have my little red plastic Melitta pour-over brewer!

Why pour-over coffee is better:

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Besides being light on your wallet, the coffee fiters and grids are compostable! This is great news for the environment. We even recycle the used filters in our vegetable garden at my cottage.

Pour-over coffee delivers a superior cup of coffee. Whether you enjoy a bold brew, decaf or perhaps a European blend, you can enjoy a hand-crafted cup of coffee made entirely your way.

I also love that pour-over brewers are portable. I can easily take my pour over coffeemaker and filters camping, cottaging or vacationing! And, since my boyfriend often complains about the lack of traditional “drip” coffee in Europe, I’ll be packing this pour-over brewer in my suitcase on our next European getaway!

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Pour-over coffee also saves time. I have a wonderful glass kettle that boils water in under 45 seconds, and brewing itself takes less than a minute. Compared to traditional or single-serve coffee makers, you can’t beat this method!


What is your relationship with coffee? Let me know in the comments below how you like to take a coffee break!

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