Best & Worst Dressed 2016 Met Gala

2016 met gala

Actors, musicians and fashion’s elite mingled with silicon valley entrepreneurs and tech moguls at Monday night’s Met Gala, feting the museum’s latest Costume Institute exhibition, Manus x Machina. The exhibition bridges fashion and technology, which resulted in many stars donning heavy metal and innovative garments. Here are my picks for the best and worst dressed at the 2016 Met Gala.

Best Dressed at the 2016 Met Gala

zendaya met gala

7. Zendaya perfectly nailed the futuristic look in this sleek metallic Michael Kors dress, complete with a modern bob cut.

kendall-jenner met gala

6. Kendall Jenner in Atelier Versace. The model looked gorgeous in this dress, with its intriguing webbed design and use of negative space.


5. Nicole Kidman wore the stars and the moon on her Alexander McQueen dress. Space is the next frontier, so I loved this referential nod to the evening’s theme.

emma-watson met gala

4. Emma Watson looked gorgeous in this classic Calvin Klein gown with a twist – it’s made from recycled water bottles! Finally a star took on the technology theme, and integrated it into their look.

kate-bosworth met gala

3. Kate Bosworth looked like a goddess (literally) in this Dolce & Gabbana frock. I love the combination of delicate lace with heavier metal details.

katy-perry met gala

2. Katy Perry bleached her eyebrows (I admire her commitment) and wore a Tamogotchi – the greatest accessory of 1998 with this black velvet Prada gown. I love the drama, the styling, everything about this look is just grand… and very Hunger Games to me.

claire danes met gala dress

1. Claire Danes was without a doubt miles above the other looks at the Met Gala. At first glance, this pale blue ball gown by Zac Posen has the makings of an Oscar gown/Cinderella wedding dress, but when the lights go out, like magic, it transforms into an illuminated show piece. The organza gown was fitted with fibre optics in the fabric, and was one of the few dresses that incorporated the theme with gusto! I hope this gown can be added to the exhibition, it was such a moment for technology and fashion.

Worst Dressed at the 2016 Met Gala

taylor-swift met gala

5. Taylor Swift wanted to look like a robot, with this Louis Vuitton dress, but I absolutely hate the lace-up shoes. Her black lipstick is on point, but there is too much going on with this look. The dress is cool, but feels a bit casual for the Met Gala, while the lace-ups are reminiscent of pointe shoes or gladiators for me. Maybe she’s a Robot Gladiator?


4. Alicia Vikander was yet another miss, also in Louis Vuitton. I’m not getting the romantic bustier paired with the clunky steampunk creepers, as well as the metallic embellishment and mismatched fabric. There’s nothing technology-related about this look, except maybe a fried circuit board.

Saoirse-Ronan met gala

3. Saiorse Ronan stole this feathered gown from an ageing ballroom dancer. No sorry, it’s Christopher Kane and is atrocious.

lady-gaga met gala

2. Lady Gaga was a total miss in this Atelier Versace bodysuit. The look is very Gaga but I wish she kept with her more refined aesthetic as of late and wore something with more technologic elements to drive the theme home.

madonna met gala

1. Madonna was easily the worst dressed star of the night in Givenchy Haute Couture. Combining a bindi (yay! cultural appropriation when it doesn’t even make sense and has nothing to do with the theme), an old bustier from her Blonde Ambition tour and runner’s kinetic tape (literally! I kid you not!), pleather Pretty Woman boots and an Italian grieving widow’s black lace for this abomination.


sarah-jessica-parker met gala

Sarah Jessica Parker is routinely on my worst dressed at the Met Gala list, so she deserves her own little shoutout! SJP wore this Monse suit that was apparently inspired by the Broadway musical, Hamilton. I don’t get why you’d choose an event about technology to get inspired by the 1700s. This look is so Carrie Bradshaw circa season 1 it hurts… the tulle sleeves, the white pantsuit, the cameo necklace. I was expecting more from you SJP! I wanted a robot costume so crazy I would be excited to put you on my worst-dressed list… it’s as if you got geared up to go to Hamilton but didn’t get tickets and decided to go to the Met Gala instead.


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