Best & Worst Dressed: 2011 MTV VMA Awards

Last night, stars walked the black carpet at the 2011 MTV VMA Awards.  And while this year, there wasn’t a meat dress, scandalous lip-lock or speech-stealing moment, a certain pop diva stole the show with a drag performance of a lewd greaser, Jo Calderone. Oh and who can forget the happiest news of the night, when Beyonce and Jay-Z confirmed that B is in fact pregnant with their first child?

Just like Lady Gaga, most of the styles were understated (exemption: Katy Perry and the Jersey Shore grenades) with lots of dark styles and a ton of YSL on the men.  Here are my picks for best and worst dressed ladies.

The Best:

5. Britney Spears looked refreshingly appropriate and sexy in this Moschino sequined dress.  While I could have done without the pleather mid-calf boots, this event is the perfect time to make those outrageous fashion risks, and I think she did it tastefully.

4. Mrs. Justin Bieber looks amazing in this vampiric lace gown by Julien MacDonald. It’s mature, without being too old, and is still sexy and so rock and roll for the VMAs. I love it!

3. Lady Gaga, I mean, Jo Calderone looked simple and sleek in a jacket by Dior Homme, shoes by Doc Marten, t-shirt from Japanese fast fashion brand Uniqlo and Brooks Brothers pants.  While I couldn’t stand the ego trip I watched onstage last night, and thought her I mean, his, performance was underwhelming, I enjoyed the drag look, that can be easily pulled off by any guy or girl going for an androgynous look.

2. Adele looked stunning in this simple, scallopped lace dress by Barbara Tfank. I thought she was styled to perfection, with hair pulled to the side and simple earrings.  Less is definitely more, as proved by her powerful performance with only a pianist accompanying.

1. Beyonce was an obvious shoe-in for best dressed in both her orange gown by Lanvin and purple sequined jacket by Dolce & Gabbana. She looks classy, elegant and radiant in both ensembles and I absolutely adore the diamond earrings she wore with the asymmetrical Lanvin gown.  Beyonce is truly a star in her own league, from looking amazing on the red carpet, to having one of the best performances of the night, dancing around while pregnant!


The Worst: (I didn’t include anyone from Jersey Shore because they’re irrelevant to the fashion world anyways).

5. Katie Holmes confused nearly everyone on the red carpet with this Alaia dress and suede booties. I don’t understand the combination at all.  The dress is mediochre, but is brought down a notch thanks to those mismatched boots that belong better with a plaid and denim.

4. Rebecca Black looked like she dressed to go to a party on a Friday Night.  The lace tank top is so casual and highschool and the satin heels don’t add any sophistication to her look.  I know she’s practically still a child, but come on! This is an awards show!

3. Katy Perry was brave enough to wear one of the ridiculous concoctions from Christian Dior’s Fall 2011 couture collection.  Earlier, she wore a relatively cute Asian-inspired mini-dress by Atelier Versace with a matching parasol and she should have stayed in it!   Accepting the award for Video of the Year, she looked like something from an educational videogame of the 90s used to teach children geometric shapes.

2. Miley Cyrus needs to lay off the Cavalli.  This dress is a trainwreck from head to toe. The blending of leopard and floral prints hurts my eyes and the long sleeves and high neckline does nothing for her.  She’s so young and needs to dress her age!

1. Nicki Minaj looked like she visited the EX and fell into a cotton candy machine head first, managed to escape, only to get lost in the house of mirrors and decided to make a dress out of them.  Then she realized she needed some accessories, so she played some carnival games and transformed her plushies into an haute handbag.  And those things around her legs? They’re obviously casts after falling off the ferris wheel at the CNE, and since she’s a germophobe and doesn’t want to catch C Difficile in an Ontario hospital, she’s wearing a surgical mask.


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