Best and Worst Dressed: Ice Dance at Sochi Olympics

Okay, I’m a tad obsessed with ice dance skating at the Olympics. I literally ran from lunch today to make it back to my hotel to stream the final few competitors. While I won’t get into my feelings towards the outcome (#tessaandscottforever), beyond the artistry and technicality of the performances is an overwhelming pomp and pageantry when it comes to the outfits. I’ve seen many good, and equally as many bad. Here are my picks for the best and worst dressed ice dance teams at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

alexandra paul mitchell islam

Newcomers to watch are Canadian team Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam, while they didn’t finish in a top spot, they performed well for their first Olympic showing. I loved Alexandra’s passionate red dress for her free program. The floral motif overlay is so pretty, it almost looks like Marchesa makes ice costumes now.

russian ice dance team

The best dressed was Elena Ilynick of the Russian team during their free dance. The Swan Lake costume brought out Elena’s balletic arms and dramatic embodiment of Odile. The costume was also beautiful and very well executed. Her tiara was a stunning finishing touch, complete with red jewels. While it was overly costumey, I think that because they really went for the Swan Lake theme in their choreography and characterization, the costume was perfect for their bronze-winning skate.

There were plenty of lacklustre outfits and way too many sequins set into crushed velvet and kerchief hems for my liking, but here are my picks for the worst dressed ice dancers at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

german pairs ice dance

A puzzling outfit choice was Germany’s¬†Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi. While I get the whole geek/hot chick schtick, I found the outfits were too campy and Nelli’s outfit was over the top and tacky.

france ice dance team

While I loved the flapper inspired look of France’s ice dance team, Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourza¬†during their short dance, today’s free performance was a different story. The colours are horrible and the costumes look shredded. It doesn’t have that polished feel, and even if they were going for a certain look, the atrocious shirred tutu and his patched up pants are inexcusable.

meryl davis charlie white sochi

The worst offenders are without a doubt, gold medal-winners Meryl Davis and Charlie White. While I didn’t mind the “Arabian” influence in their Scheherazade free dance, the pepto bismol pink monstrosity they wore during their short program had me saying, I could have puked all night...


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